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Health Care System And Information Technology

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Nina Talukdar
IMPH 8000
Professor Seol
September 20th, 2009

IMPH 8000: Review Assignment on Health Care System & Information Technology

The role of IT in the health care system is a widely discussed topic of the 21st century. Various individuals ranging from researchers, physicians, health insurers, and economists have been looking for the perfect solution to the health care system of the 21st century. In the articles “The Bela Schick lecture: the US health care system: diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis” by Ein D and “Shattuck Lecture: health care in the 21st century” by Frist WH; one would be able to witness two opinions regarding the policy of IT in the health care system ...view middle of the document...

Along with adopting the use of electronic health records, laws dealing with privacy and correct authorization of the records should be enforced.
Another important factor both authors discussed was the role of government in the health care system. The discussion of this issue is slightly different from author to author. Ein D states that either the government should not be involved in the health care system or be involved tremendously more; whereas, Frist WH states that the government should be involved because it plays a crucial role. Ein D wonders why government should be involved in matters dealing with health care when the government does not get involved with issues such as food and clothing. Ein D answers this question by stating that the federal government, in form of the Internal Revenue System, created a powerful incentive to do so. Ein D suggests a few alternatives in increasing an individual’s stake in the cost of health care. He feels that if our economy believed in free-market types, then this would empower employees because of the boost in their take-home pay and would help them find a health care plan that is most suitable and affordable to them. Frist WH, however, does not go in such detail as to what the government should do to improve the health care system. Frist WH states that the government should provide people with adequate resources and promote the development of better information so that consumers make more informed decisions. With consumers able to make more informed decisions on their health care, the rate of Americans not getting the health care they need or...

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