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Health Care System Essay

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The Health care system within the past decade has experience significant changes. The changes with the health care system not only effects how health care is being delivered but also changes the cost of health care. The focus of this paper is to explain how health care has changed in the past ten years, the biggest change that will take place in the next ten years, and the role I will serve in the industry and how my skill will evolve. The paper will also explain how my perception of health care has changed, the role technology plays, and financial and economic issues that will affect the health care industry.
How Health Care Has Changed
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As patients become better informed, changes in the traditional doctor- patient relationship is inevitable.
Health care utilization is also another part of the change because of the population need for care has transformed in the past decade. Some factors that have influenced the need for the change includes aging, social demographic, population shifts, and changes in the occurrence of the different diseases. As the occurrence of different diseases continues to increase, the residential and community health based service will continue to emerge and this is designed to keep people out of institutional settings.
Managed care and payment mechanism employed by insurers is another reason why health care has changed and this involves an attempt to control the rate of health care spending. According to Sondik (2010) managed care and payment mechanism employed by insurers such as Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is having an impact of health care utilization because it is causing employer to create incentives to shift where services are being provided (Pargraph.3).Health care providers are now being encouraged to provide services differently; for example, the increase in method of paying health care providers and use of gate keepers are now being associated with a change mix of primary care and special care.
Managed care also changes the structure and performance of the health care organization because it eliminates the fee –for-fee services. The fee- for- fees service traditionally encourages provision of health care services, where as managed care discourages the use of care unless absolutely necessary. According to Basics of Managed Care (2010) in managed care doctors, and other providers makes a profit by providing only the services that are absolutely necessary in treating patients and by maintaining the health of its members (paragraph .2). The fee to fee service providers only makes a profit when individuals are sick and need to use the health care services, thus having less incentives to keep people healthy. However, managed care provides a fix fee which organizations can provide a package of services and incentives and this will help to maintain the cost.
The Biggest Change in the Next Ten Years
The biggest change that will take place for health care in...

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