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Health Care Records And Technology Essay

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 Health Care Records and Technology
Part 1

It is imperative that a medical record have specific personal identification information, such as, a state, or government issued identification in order to ensure the accuracy of the medical record to the correct patient. We often will also find facility specific information as well, but all of the information found in the medical record must have detailed personal information. A medical record should also have the medical history of a patient that shows all diagnoses, medical care, treatments, and allergies. This information lets medical personnel know about your current ...view middle of the document...

This information will allow a physician to save time and money by understanding what treatment or therapies have or have not worked. A medical directive is a legal document where a patient lets the medical professional know what treatment he/she will have in the event that they become unable to speak for themselves. Every patient needs to understand the importance of filling out those in-take forms and even though it might cost them some time it is very important information that needs to go in the medical record.

Part 2

Back in the 80’s under President Reagan, the DRG payment system was adopted by Medicare which is where they use diagnoses for payment rather than the treatment. Private plans followed Medicare quite quickly in their adoption of the DRG system. There were many insurance companies that felt that the fee-for-service method was being exploited. That is when “capitation” payments became more common for physicians. Then in the 90’s Health care costs rose a double the rate of inflation which was astronomical at the time. That is the decade that the Federal health care reform failed again to pass in U.S. Congress. By the later part of the 90’s there were over 44 million...

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