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Health Care Process Essay

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Health Care Process
Team D
Robin Rompre

Team D has decided to choose Electronic Medical Records within Mental Health. We have decided that the target audience should be the following: the public, private health services and stakeholders who are concerned with the consumers in mental health. According to the Australian Government Department of Health (2005), “the primary target audience is the public and private health services: such as mental health service managers, providers, professionals, and other staff; mental health consumers, their careers and families; mental health policy makers and the mental health advocates.”
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The mental health world is becoming larger with more and more patients. Mental health patients also need to be protected when it comes to their patient rights. This not only protects the patient, but it can also protect the community. If the wrong information gets out to the wrong individual, this could create a serious situation. By having Electronic Medical Records we are able to store picture IDs of the patient, we are able to have an electronic copy of their HIPPA/Privacy notice, and we are able to see who can obtain information on a particular patient.
Not only protecting the patient is important but having the capability of sharing medical files in order to know a patient’s history can also protect the patient. By knowing an accurate list of medicines, the wrong thing will not get prescribed, by having their past medical history they can see what a patient might be high risk of.
In conclusion, it is very important to have Electronic Medical Records in Mental Health for many reasons. This communication in an organization of this choice needs to be implanted, updated and streamlined in order to protect patients and the community. If we do not protect the mental health patients, the community could become in danger of people who need help and their privacy.


Australian Government Department of Health. (2005). National safety priorities in mental health: a national plan for reducing harm. Retrieved from:

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