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Health Care Paper

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Current Health Care Situation Paper

October 22. 2011


Know for its reputation in the field of research and medical technology, the United States give the impression that its health care system has some gold standards or status on the international scale. While thousand of Americans are medical issues that affects the health care arena. These issues have results in a gap in quality of care, allegations of fraud, cultural issues, patient abuse, or neglect. A recent research has show the number of patients victims in the health care arena is considerable such kinds of new laws should be contemplated. Heath system in many ...view middle of the document...

This abuse includes neglect to render assistance to a patient resulting from a psychological and physical harm. The sociologists have identified two types of neglect: intentional and unintentional.
Neglect may be intentional when a care- giver deliberately fails to fulfill caretaking responsibilities in order to harm or punish the person. It may be unintentional, stemming either from ignorance or from a genuine inability to provide care (Florence). The staff supposed to ensure the patient is properly treated and cared for. After research the patient parents have found him in a critical condition in a corner in the hospital abandoned for indulgent. After pressure by the family members on the hospital, the administration finally has decided to admit the patient. The laboratory test carry out emergency have shown: X-Ray (demonstrated hard formed feces in the lumen of the appendix (Fecolith). Ultrasound and CT scan showed image of an acute appendicitis. Despite evidence of a surgical emergency, physicians have preferred to put the patient on pain killer (Ibuprofen 800mg). Abdominal distension, constipation, and unconsciousness are the latest signs that force physicians to conduct a surgery. In the operating room instead of making an appendectomy the physicians performed a vasectomy. Out of the operating room the patient’s clinical condition has deteriorated. Despite evidence of appendicitis physicians have preferred to work on a region that has no relation to Para clinic findings. The patient presents a bleak picture with anuria (non passage of urine or less than 50 milliliters of urine a day), abdominal distension, appendicular plastron, fever (septic choc) and finally death.
Corporate structure and Governance
Quality governance affects the quality of care. The quality governance is related to leadership in health care organization. Without the presence of a leader any organization is able to achieve its goal. Poor leadership affects the performance of employees. This makes it difficult to provide quality care to the patients (Imhof & Kaskie, 2008). According to the ethical principles, medical professional not have to cause patients pain and suffering to cure them (12). When an individual is 70 years old, active and in good health with a medium-level economic and social; when the pathology is identified and medicine has all the means that lead to healing, the individual seeking the efficiency, wants quickly to resume his personal activities must receive quality care as required by professional ethics. The data showed that the lowest social class represents 20% risk of being admitted to hospital. Social responsibility affects the quality of care in a health care organization. The health care organization should have a positive impact on society and their relationship must be closely.
Resources allocated to prevent this situation in the future
Resource allocation must satisfy two main ethical criteria. First the Cost effective-limited...

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