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Health Care Market Essay

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The Healthcare Market

Analyze the current health care delivery structure in your state. Compare and contrast the major determinants of healthcare market power.

There are many issues that are causing changings in the healthcare system. Population aging, rapidly increasing costs of healthcare and the growing burden of chronic disease are challenges to health systems worldwide. To meet these challenges will require new approaches to healthcare delivery and comprehensive population health management. Many states are not prepared to tackle this issue yet. The US has the most expensive healthcare system in the world with health status ...view middle of the document...

• Promote and facilitate transparency and public accountability.
• Foster innovative and sustainable activities and interventions that improve the quality and value of health care.
The best health care systems in the world offer integrated care. Systems like the Mayo Clinic and Geisinger Health System own hospitals and labs and employ all the physicians and nurses a patient is likely to see, so they can easily integrate a patient’s care. In contrast, patients in North Carolina and throughout America typically obtain their care from a variety of independent providers. Health care expenses are paid by a variety of sources including private insurers, employers, the government and patients themselves. But unlike any other state, or even any large geographic area, North Carolina has the capacity to create a “virtually” integrated system, one that can provide the same integrated care but across an entire state. When patients’ transition between providers and health care settings, the result is often poor health outcomes, medical errors and costly duplication of tests and procedures. Through partnerships with other organizations and providers, NCHQA is seeking ways to better coordinate care and address systemic problems that cause dangerous and costly gaps in care. (NCHQA, 2014)
North Carolina in particular has extraordinarily well qualified physicians and world-class hospitals. The problem is the structure of the American health care system. Our health care system is based around treating the problem of the moment. A patient is ill and so goes to the doctor. In many cases, patient and physicians meet for the first time in the examining room. The physician is typically compensated only for providing specific services, not for taking time to learn about the needs of the patient. Many times, this is where the patient feels as though they are not being treated properly and being heard. The physicians do not take the time to get to know the new patient and their background information for them to make the correct diagnosis or treatment plan suitable for the patient. The system is not designed to engage patient and physician in an ongoing relationship to promote health. It is designed to treat them and get them on their way. There is not time set aside to get to know the patient and give the information of a healthy lifestyle. Some people have never been taught the correct healthy lifestyle of eating or exercising; all they may need is some guidance and a little motivation to change that part of their lives. Healthier lifestyle would lead to less time at the doctor’s office.
Analyze the main competitive forces in the your healthcare delivery system in your state, and compare the major factors that influence the fundamental manner in which these competitive forces determine prices, supply and demand, quality of care, consumerism, and providers’ compensation.

In North Carolina, there are a lot of hospitals and large healthcare...

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