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Health Care Managment Essay

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Overcoming The Challenges |
What lies ahead for the new pediatric satellite clinic |


The purpose of this document is to discuss the opening of a new pediatric satellite clinic in a place of my choosing. For this document, I will be choosing Charlotte, NC; which is close to my hometown. This essay will discuss several challenges that lay ahead with this project, such as; recruiting and retaining staff; types of services and resources; building rapport with the community and surrounding counties; finances and profitability of the clinic; technology; and compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. These challenges will also be further broken down ...view middle of the document...

This is a huge challenge in the fact that it pulls resources and takes a long time to fulfill. Not only do we need to find qualified individuals, but we also need to have a diverse workforce that meets the needs of the community. This helps with breaking down barriers such as language, cultural beliefs, and values. There is an eight step process that will be followed to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. These eight steps are listed and detailed below.
1. Clear Business Mandate
Senior executives of the company (Pediatric Community Care Center) have created a clear business mandate that diversity recruiting is a requirement which distinctly outlines measurements and objectives. HR managers have a considerable amount of their annual increase attached to efficaciously diversity hiring. This practice is measured and progress reported periodically to upper management.
2. Diversity Attached To Company Goals
Staffing diversity takes careful targets the organizations goals. Effective diversity hiring initiatives are attached to the company’s objectives of the business. Upper leaders need to:
* Have a vision for diversity and grasp demographic variations within the workforce
* Make sure that all levels of management buy-in with diversity and understand the need
* Instruct hiring managers to interview diverse applicants and urge them to study cultural standards of diverse applicants
* Give cross cultural instructing for the whole workforce. Boost retaining by fostering a diversity-friendly culture
* Understand and propagate the significance of honest feedback. Assure parity and equality in job advancement
* Guarantee that the company website and advertising programs show a diverse mix of individuals
* Persuade upper management that the structure of the board of directors needs to mirror diversity of the population, the workforce, and the community base.
3. Planned Hiring Process
This process has to be effectively planned, successfully executed, managed, and measured. The diversity recruitment plan has to obtain feedback from all shareholders. A Diversity Staffing Advisory Committee will be established and make up of human resources managers to foster reception, resolve issues, and attain victory. Performance profiles use need to be urged. Inventive methods and resources need to be employed to entice diverse applicants; for example, train recruiters to utilize applicant research; develop methods to entice and sell multicultural applicants to the company; and expand the applicant pool- persevere on a diverse slate of applicants. The outcomes should be aligned with the company’s goals and growth.
4. Remove All Obstacles
Near the start of the process, all complications need to be removed. Barriers need to be removed directly before the actual hiring starts. Everyone that is included with the hiring process need to be aware that the company is dedicated to a diverse workforce.

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