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Health Care Management Errors In A Post Modern/Complex Adaptive System

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Health Care Management Errors in a Post Modern/Complex Adaptive System
MHA 601

Health Care Management Errors in a Post Modern/Complex Adaptive System
Post modernistic/complex adaptive systems allow a leader a broader spectrum in which to examine a potential problem. In the past, problems in healthcare were presented and leaders used an absolute to correct the problem and move forward. Health care problems today are more complex and require a manager to think in terms bigger than just an absolute solution. “For the postmodernist, all models are only partial descriptions of reality, and scientific models are shaped not only by traditional scientific processes, but also by political, ...view middle of the document...

“The quality of relationships within a healthcare organization may be more important than the quality of the people, because healthcare organizations are essentially relational in their structures, processes, and functions,” (Johnson, 2009, p. 67). A post modernist manager would customize the orientation program to meet the culturally diverse needs of their employees to ensure a proper understanding of the essential components of the health care system learned in orientation. Evidence shows “that organizational cynicism interferes in the relationship employees develop with their supervisors, with consequences to performance,” (Neves, 2012). Post modernistic managers uphold the importance of organizational relationships.
Scenario 3: A manager fails to see the desired change sought when disciplining one employee and instead receives a union rebuttal. This manager failed in their capacity to control and observe. Rather than dictate a change by disciplining an employee, the post modernist manager would observe behavior and utilize positive reinforcement to produce the changes sought.
Scenario 4: A manager changes work processes without consideration to the work performance of the employee. This scenario is a failure because their lack of knowing and learning. The manager initiated a new process without the know-how of the effects on work performance. A post modernist manager would be fully informed of the implications such a change would bring forth to their employees.
Scenario 5: A manager assumes employees will not reallocate assignments that have been reallocated to them from upper level management. This scenario is a failure because the manager failed to recognize the importance of interconnections among their staff. The post modernist recognizes the importance of relationships among employees to make better use of their time and allows for the reallocation of work as time constraints need to be reached.
Scenario 6: A manager fails to control the rumor mill by not acknowledging the speed in which messages can travel. This manager failed because of their ignorance of interconnections and lack of control. A post modernist manager would be proactive to the rumor mill and confront issues prior to them becoming rumors so as not to conflict the employee.
Scenario 7: The manager fails to treat the organization’s dominant logic as emergent property and instead tries to impose it upon the system. This scenario is a failure because the manager insulted the workmanship of their employees. The post modernist manager would...

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