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Health Care Innovation Cochlear Implant Essay

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HCA 210 |
Health Care Innovation
Cochlear Implants |

Joseph Fortescue

In every country and culture there are people who suffer from hearing loss. Sometimes it is classified as conductive hearing loss where for some reason the sound waves are being blocked; which can usually be fixed with surgery. The majority of people who suffer from hearing loss have damage to the nerves that carry sounds to the brain. That is called sensorineural hearing loss; and there are new innovative ways to help those suffering from sensoineural hearing loss.
Hearing aids were invented to help damaged nerves carry sound by amplifying the sound with a microphone. That only helps ...view middle of the document...

This procedure definitely improves the quality of life in the patients. They get to hear the things and experience sounds that they never could before. They are not at any kind of disadvantage or limitations anymore. Many people in the deaf community do not look at being deaf as a disadvantage but it is true that they need to be more alert and more careful than other people that can rely on an extra sense. In a way it can help health care by improving the communication between patient and doctor. Sometimes there can be a language barrier that is hindering care. After surgery and habilitation, learning a vocal language, patients can communicate with their care providers without anyone getting lost in translation.
I think that these cochlear implants will increase the amount spent on health care. In comparison with the traditional hearing aids, these surgical implants are much more expensive. The patients also spend more time in the hospital. They also require more time and money spent outside of the hospital going through habilitation. I think that after time the costs will decrease after more companies manufacture their own versions of these implants. There are already four companies that make implanted hearing aids so at least there is not one company monopolizing this market....

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