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Health Care Information System Essay

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Health Care Information Systems
Jasmin Dedic
HCS 533
April 30, 2012
Linda Hagler-Reid

Health Care Information Systems

Health care system came a long way in the past two decades. New technological advancements forever changed the face of the industry, and made things possible that seemed unimaginable in the late 20th century. Knowledge gained through research and experience brought our healthcare system to the standards higher than anywhere else in the world. Reaching the highest of standards in quality of care would have been impossible without great new technological systems that were introduced to health care, and transformed the dynamics of its delivery.
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Therefore, a picture of a medical record “system” in the metro hospital 20 years ago was; a huge room or rooms full of file cabinets, with dated shelves full of color coded folders. That picture is quite a bit different now days. EMR is wildly used by large hospitals in United States, and increasing number of patients is making those hospitals that haven’t gotten there yet, to finally put in the money, time, and effort towards the implementation of some sort of electronic medical records system.
Despite its high rate of success, physicians did not flock to the technology. “In 1991, the Institute of Medicine, a highly respected think tank in the US recommended that by the year 2000, every physician should be using computers in their practice to improve patient care and made policy recommendations on how to achieve that goal.” (Christensen & Clayton, 2000) Success of EMR is reflected in timely reporting of data, reduction of duplicate tests, reduction of medical errors, and overall improvement of care and cost management.
Conversion to an electronic medical record keeping does not only offer the safe storage of significant amount of information, it also makes sharing the information with other facilities possible, through closed networks or over the internet, there are many ways in which storage of patient information on the computers and networks may impact a patient's care. Two decades ago if a patient was treated at one place, pretty much the only option they had was to stay with the same health care provider, considering that their information, charted progress, or diagnostic images are all in that particular facility. Attempt to transfer all patient information, back then, was a complicated process, just physical amount of papers and images that a person would have to carry with them presented a problem, which a patient would rather avoid, by simply staying with the same provider.
Today, transferring patient’s entire medical history is as...

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