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Health Care Experiences Essay

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Health Care Experiences (Option B)
University of Phoenix
Health Care Vocabulary
Coralene Quimby-Worrell
July 21, 2014

Health Care Experiences (Option B)
Health care technology today is far more advanced than it was 30 years ago. With a variety of technology available to medical agencies, patients can now be diagnosed and treated quicker than they could 30 years ago. One piece of technology that I have always wanted to know more about is the dialysis machine. Though I work in a hospital, my job is medical administration so I never have see for my own eyes how this type of technology works.
A couple of years ago my mother went in for a routine checkup. A few days after ...view middle of the document...

The doctor can calculate the stage by using your blood creatinine test, age, the body’s mass, and gender. Once your information has been calculated doctors can then plan your treatment. The sooner kidney disease is discovered, the better chance of decelerating or possibly even stopping its progress.
So how dialysis works is when your kidneys fail, this machine will keep your body in balance by; eliminating waste, sodium and extra water to avoid them from building up in the body. It will keep a safe and balanced level of certain chemicals in your blood, like sodium, bicarbonate, and potassium and helps control blood pressure. Kidney failure can be permanent but not always. There are some kinds of acute kidney failure that has been known to improve after treatment. In a few cases acute kidney failure, dialysis my only be required for only a short period or until kidneys get healthier. In cases where one is in a chronic or end stage kidney failure, there kidney my never get better, so dialysis my be required for the rest of their life.
Dialysis is normally done at a hospital, in a dialysis unit that may be located somewhere other than a hospital, or even in your home. There are two types of dialysis, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. With hemodialysis, a fake kidney is used to remove extra chemicals, waste, and fluid from the blood vessels. This procedure is done by minor surgery to an arm or leg. The second type of dialysis that is used is peritoneal dialysis. This type of dialysis cleans your blood from the inside. A doctor will do surgery to place a plastic tube called a catheter into your belly to make an opening. Through the treatment your...

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