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Health Care Ecosystems Essay

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Health care Ecosystems

Kaiser Permanente is known as the largest integrated managed care organization which is based out of Oakland, California. Kaiser Permanent was founded in 1945 by industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and a physician by the name of Sidney Garfield.
Kaiser’s Mission Statement is “to provide affordable high-quality healthcare services and improve the health of our members and the communities we share.”
Kaiser’s Vision/Value Statement” is to be a leader in total health by making lives better.”
Kaiser Permanente prides itself with community involvement and support throughout their regions. Kaiser Permanente supports a diverse selection of organizations that work to improve ...view middle of the document...

Kaiser Permanente’s continued community support will forever impact the social and economic growth of their organization.

One of the current community initiatives that Kaiser Permanente promotes is “The Community Healthy Initiative”. Kaiser Permanente concept of being healthy is just not being free from an illness but to have the support to be physically, emotionally and spiritually well. Making sure the local market is stoked with fresh produce or visiting the farmer’s market at one of their facilities. Making sure the playgrounds are safe for children to play in which will promote children to be more active. I see Kaiser Permanente’s “Community Healthy Initiative as going well into their future goals as teaching and living a healthy life style is a constant performance improvement.

Kaiser Permanente’s Mission and Value Statements encompass improving the health of their members and the community as they want to be the total leader by making lives better. In accomplishing what is stated in this mission and value statement Kaiser Permanente has created, developed and implemented programs to help the local neighborhoods, communities and organizations become healthy and maintain a healthy life styles by providing the total package of making healthy food available, safe playgrounds and dispersing tools for children to succeed in school. Kaiser Permanente can stand by their mission statement because they live by their mission and value statements.

The current impact on healthcare delivery through Kaiser Permanente is that over 8 million members have their own electronic medical record. Kaiser Permanente is known to be the most advanced non governmental healthcare organization in the country with the use of computers in medicine. The EHR *Electronic Health Record) is a web-based member portal allowing their members to view most portions of their medical records online, send secure messages to their physician, fill prescriptions, make appointments and even view lab results. The impact on healthcare delivery within Kaiser Permanente is in the quality of care as the EHR allows healthcare provides to treat their patients more efficiently, as they may review past medical conditions, treat chronic conditions and focus on preventive medicine. With the implementation of the EHR Kaiser Permanente can abstract data and...

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