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Nursing shortage is featured in every magazine, health articles, newspaper, television and other forms of communications. Nursing shortage creates serious concerns not only in the field of medicine but in the consumer’s eyes. Health is considered a basic need of mankind; therefore, everyone is affected in maintaining the health status. Nurses are a major workforce in the provision of health care. Where does this discussion lead? Is there a serious threat? What happens now? Is it global? All these questions pump adrenaline to everyone who is concern about their health status. Health care organizations, specifically hospitals have significantly felt the impact of nursing shortage. Nurses are ...view middle of the document...

Kany (2001) stated that “Nursing recognizes that it must look beyond its ranks to help resolve critical problems that devalue the profession and leave us all vulnerable to a public health crisis. American health care is essential to each of us, and nursing is the backbone of our health care system. Achieving nursing’s desired future state will require input and collaboration from a variety of communities, or stakeholders, in our society” (p. 20).
Key historical issues
Historically, nursing has been around for centuries. Over the last 20 years, there has been a major decrease with individuals choosing the path of nursing for multiple reasons. Research states that individuals are not choosing nursing as a career because of inadequate salaries, increase in liability and the risk of malpractice has increase over the years. The shortage in nursing for hospital settings has definitely increased over the last decade. Many nurses who have been in the profession for 20 or 30 years are retiring; therefore, multiple vacancies in nursing positions are available. Nursing World (2001) stated the following:
“In a Lexis/Nexis review of 6 months of news articles throughout the United States about the nursing shortage, every story noted the need for creative strategies. Disappointingly, few described any new interventions. The purpose of this article is to review several factors contributing to the shortage and present possible strategies to address them. The authors have chosen to review: trends in the general work environment, image of nursing, recruitment of students, retention of current nurses, and regulatory and policy issues. Solutions, some already underway in the U.S. are highlighted. Primary nursing and Patient Focused Care are discussed and a preferred model of care is described. They hope that this article will create a rapid communication of ideas to colleagues and stimulate others to build upon these ideas” (p. 1).
Micro and macro economics perspective
Nursing shortage is presently a nationwide crisis majorly affecting the hospital setting. From a micro economic perspective using the micro economic tools that deal with the specific portion of economy (I.e. supply and demand, and marginal analysis); nursing shortage affects the delivery of care to patients, resulting in burnout nurses who are working excessive hours to meet the needs of the patients, and the health care organization. The elucidation to the nursing shortage mandates federal regulation of working environment and federal subvention of nurse training. Unions and professional organizations support legislation to set nurse-patient staffing ratios and eradicate mandatory overtime. The macroeconomic perspective, deals with the nursing associations that promotes additional advertising to recruit candidates for nursing. Nursing shortage affects the different collaborations of organizations that employ nurses like contracting agencies in the community. Nursing shortage has impacted...

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