Health Care Communication Methods Paper

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Health Care Communication Methods Paper
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Health Care Communication Methods
As a communications coordinator for a national drug manufacturer, today we need to address and discuss how we will deal with the negative effects that our medication are causing to the public. Also, a well-known public figure has felt the negative effects of our medication too. Today we will discuss on how to use traditional, electronic, and social media communication methods to address the general public and news reports. There are advantages and disadvantages of using these types of communication methods. There is one aspect we need to consider when using these ...view middle of the document...

This form communication shows emotion and clears up any misunderstanding and resolves that particle issue. Using face-to-face communication to the general is hard and very difficult because each individual has their own views and opinions. There are several disadvantages of using this form of communication. These disadvantages are: face-to-face communication “are less authentic than written communication as they are informal and not as organized as written communication, are not easy to maintain and thus they are unsteady, and there may be misunderstandings as the information is not complete and may lack essentials”("Oral communication -," ).
The most common use social media communication methods are the television and radios. As the communication coordinator using the radio can help ease the situation by reinforcing that the issue will be taken care off and also, opens a decision about the issue and what steps are being taken to ensure the general public that this problem will never happen again. Using the television has great advantage of discussing these issues. As a communications coordinator allow yourself to be live on TV with different talk show hosts or news channels allow the company to show concern, emotion and integrity about the issue to the public. Using television has the same disadvantages of face-to-face communication. Television and radios are considered as mass media. Some of the advantages of mass media are that there are large-scale population communication, uniform messages, fast dissemination of information, and wide variety of media tools.
Being a communications coordinator the most effective way of communicating to the public is using electronic communication. Electronic communication consists of email and the internet. Some of the advantages of electronic communication are the ability to reach a large scale of population especially using the internet. More Americans use the internet for news, current events and research. Setting up blogs and discussion forums on the internet allow the communication coordinators company to receive feedback on the situations and also, allows to send massive emails to everyone who was affected by situation to show concern and that we working hard to resolve the issue. The advantages of using electronic communication are that” the internet has the ability to transmit and receive large amounts of information quickly to and from individuals around the world; electronic communications lets you combine numerous media - text, graphics sound, video, etc. - into a single message”("Why use electronic," ). That can result in far more meaningful communications tailored to the nature of your particular audience.

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