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Health Care Communication – Option 2

Amber Sekinger

Health Care Communication Strategies – HCS320

Dan Speer, Facilitator

Communication is an important aspect of everyone’s life, but effective communication is most crucial in the health care settings because any miscommunication can lead to misdiagnosis, inadequate or delayed treatments, and the releasing of private information (Cheesebro, 2010).
As the Communications Coordinator for a national drug manufacturer, it is my responsibility to manage crisis, enhance patient satisfaction, make information available to the public, and assess consumer needs. So today we will need to brainstorm and discuss how ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, these methods would provide use with a permanent record of our concerted attempt to reach the public (Advantages and disadvantages of written communication, 2012). Two other good methods are radio and television. These methods are great because they are cost effective, allow the company to reach our audience directly and allow us to show emotion and concern regarding this matter. All these methods seem like they would work but there are disadvantages with sticking to traditional media outlets instead of using electronic or social media sites. Some main concerns with using traditional media are that it can only reach a limited amount of people and we are restricted to a small scope of listeners and readers. Traditional media cannot cover all the needs of patients, and not all our readers can read English. Additionally, feedback is not immediate like electronic or social media sites (Du Pre, 2005).

Should hospitals be engaging with their communities using social media? The short straight answer is yes. Social media is a major outlet for communication today. It is an exceptional way for consumers to get their information and make informed decisions. While electronic and social media sites do provide immediate feedback, when utilizing these resources the age of the targeted population must be considered first. The reason being is because the use of social media is not uniformly distributed across the age groups. As a business that provides services to health care providers and hospitals, we have to remember that consumers use social media often as a source to obtain information on these providers and their affiliates (Nicks, 2012). With the help of social media there are more opportunities for communication and the proper sharing of health news regarding this recent medication scare.
Effects of HIPPA Regulations on the Use of Media

As the communications coordinator there is a concern on how the effects of HIPPA and other regulations will have on the use of these media outlets. HIPPA requires that a patient’s identity and personal health information be protected, because of these regulations many health care providers have slowed in the adoption of social media. Social media is the communication tool of the 21st century. When it is used properly it expands communication and connectivity, however when used improperly or unwisely it can lead to dire consequences such as losing your nursing license, or even litigation. Therefore it’s imperative to know what social media is and how to use it...

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