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Health Care Can Be Healthy Essay

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Discrimination, the economy and the health care are all topical issues on everyone lips these days. However, since the health care system has a significant effect on us whether we are the consumer - the patient or the producer- the health service provider; and especially this topic has been buzzing in the air lately, I will offer solutions as how to address the unhealthy issue of our health care system..
It would be remiss of me not highlight, that to generate solutions, the cause of problems must be carefully identified, analyzed and prioritized. The problems are many and compounded. Likewise, the solutions to better the health care system are varied and ...view middle of the document...

This might be a delicate issue but given the irony of it or the economic nature of luxury goods, they will be bought irrespective of the price.
A second solution to improve our healthcare is to boost production by increasing human resources to create efficiency in service delivery time, consistency in patient services and invest in training and development of these personnel. Often we find that the patients’ patience are worn out just by waiting indefinitely at the emergency unit, the pharmacy, the walk –in clinics and other units. With a well trained workforce and a smaller ratio of personnel to patient, greater efficiencies can be realized. Simultaneously, with this in place the service providers will not be overwhelmed with excessive duties and inconsistencies. This too speaks to greater financial investment and time, but it can be implemented and incorporated in workforce development strategies. The business of health care should be taken seriously in all aspect of the balance scoreboard.
As mentioned before the problems within the healthcare are complex, but not withstanding, additional units are needed to investigate fraud within the health sector as it relates to insurance companies and medical providers making a haul and super profits from the Medicaid and Medicare insurance system. Again, this is another sensitive proposal towards the solution. The reality is that the medical providers fail to spend quality time doctoring the patients and satisfying the needs of their customers, but instead are too busy abusing the health insurance system. Too busy counting the numbers adding to their legacy of tainted profits, merely focusing on the benefits they offer the consumer but instead greater emphasis on the benefit they derive from the insurance coverage. No doubt they are in business of their own to make money to sustain their families and their lifestyles. However it is known that many of them exploit the system, hurling in heavy money to their coffers.
The probability of proving this, as well as monitoring and investigating these claims is low. As a proposition is that the government should institute a proper unit or department to eradicate and mitigate against the insurmountable fraud that exists among some of the health providers (doctors etc). Integrity is one character that cannot be taught, hence the need to develop stringent audit strategies to identify the various degrees of fraud.
A healthy environment requires the input of several stakeholders. Finally in adding to my proposal, an area that is often overlooked is that of health care management. A very...

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