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Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 P1,P2,P3,M1

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P1: Explain concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care
Equality, diversity and rights are the core elements in health and social care. It affects every single person using the health and social care sector as well as those working within them. It is important for health and social care workers to understand the importance of treating all individuals equally no matter their ethnicity, gender, race, beliefs, sexuality, education, language, background or skin colour.
Individuals must all be treated equally; Equality in terms of rights, status or opportunities. This has become an important focus as there are laws and policies in all organisations ...view middle of the document...

This is reinforced by The Human Rights Act of 2000 where the human rights of a person are stated.

(Print screen from Level 3 Btec Health and social care book)
In health and social care settings, service users all have rights which enable individuals to have greater control over their care, for example; although the data protection Act is in action to protect individuals’ information and privacy, service users still have the right to object to sharing of confidential information and service providers should respect their decisions. Rights in health and social care refer to the principles of care practice. Examples of individuals’ rights are:

(Print screen from Level 3 Btec Health and social care book)
P2: Describe discriminatory practices in health and social care
There are many different ways that people can discriminate against each other; people may be discriminated for many factors such as race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability for example. In Britain discrimination is unlawful and there is legislation for anyone who feels they may be discriminated against. However, although equality and anti-discriminatory practices are reinforced, many people still construct their opinion and actions on other people based on prejudice. The two types of discrimination that occurs are:
Overt Discrimination
Overt Discrimination is a direct form of discrimination where people are openly discriminated. This may be common in a lot of job sectors; for example, unequal pay between genders even if they have the same qualification and job roles. In health and social care setting, overt discrimination would be treating patients differently compared to another patient when there should be no difference at all.
Covert Discrimination
In contrast to overt discrimination, covert discrimination is indirect and hidden. This form is less obvious as it is not intended to be seen. An example of covert discrimination might be that all patients must show proof of permanent address in order to gain access to health care, this is indirect discrimination as gypsies and travellers more around a lot and often do not have a permanent address.
P3: Describe the effects discrimination can have on staff and individuals using health and social care
It is clearly outlined that discrimination practice in health and social care setting has a very negative impact on the people that are being cared for, so therefore it is important to understand the effects of these discrimination in order to avoid this taking place. There are several effects such as marginalisation, disempowerment and low self-esteem and self-identify as a result of discrimination.
One effect of discrimination is that individuals or a group of people that are treated differently can feel marginalised. This is when people feel that they are not part of the main group of society, or in health social care setting, from other service users. People may be marginalised for their sexual...

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