Health And Social Care Communication Essay

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Key terminology

Equality- Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and equally and no less favourably, specific to their needs, including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age.
Diversity- Quality of being different e.g. characteristics, gender, religion, sexuality, social class and age ECT.
Rights- what is just or due, meaning every person has rights such as the freedom of thought and expression.
Overt discrimination- forbidding a particular person from performing a job, this is also known as open discrimination.
Covert discrimination- also known as ‘closed discrimination’ means discriminating against ...view middle of the document...

Homosexuals are sexually attracted to the same sex, they are also known as being ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’.

A diverse society is a society in which there are many individuals with different cultural backgrounds. The concept of diversity includes acceptance and respect which means that as a diverse society that we accept that we are not all the exact same but we are similar in what we all do. For example when it comes down to religion such as Christians and Muslims both go to church, only difference is that they are a praying to a different God. The same for foods, a Muslim won’t eat meat unless it has been blessed; a vegetarian won’t eat meat because of their own individual beliefs. Cultural festivals are now become more popular in the UK such as the HOLI the festival of colours that is a Hindu celebration; celebrated in London. Also London is known for all of its variety of markets that sell everything from food to flowers, modern art to antiques and clothes to shoes.

The Arts are list of creative methods to show human expression, and are usually influenced by culture. The arts include literature such as poetry and novels; there are performing arts- among them music, dance and theatre. Arts like photography and film including visual arts such as drawing, painting and sculpting. Examples such as the famous play writer William Shakespeare, he wrote the famous tragic love story ‘Romeo and Juliet’. William Shakespeare was British however many of his plays were set in other countries such as the play Romeo and Juliet that was set in Verona (Italy). All over the country are many art museums containing famous paintings, such as the ‘melting clocks’ that was by a surrealist painter, the Spanish Salvador Dali.

In today’s society most British individuals now have more of a preference of different foreign foods which is why all over the UK are now hundreds of restaurants, takeaway places. Italian is the most popular type of restaurant in the UK, even when it comes to buying food from local superstores Italian food has had an influence in everyday food items. Such as spaghetti bolognaise, meatballs and pizza. Takeaway places such as Chinese and kebab which is a Turkish dish.

Different cultures have also had an influence in children’s education. Teachers are now teaching different languages to children. Because of this it allows children to have some sort of understanding of different foreign backgrounds, which then enables them to want to travel when they are older. Spanish and French is the most popular and easiest language to be taught. Also during a child’s time at school, cultural enrichment has become a continuously event. This is when different foreigners come to the UK to share their beliefs and culture with children and adults meaning everyone else is getting a better understanding of what diverse culture is.

Tolerance means becoming more acceptances of others including their culture and rights. For instance in 1955 a famous lady called...

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