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Health And Social Care Essay

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Understand principles and values which underpin the support given to individuals

My name is Dawn Worswick I work at Rose Parks’s residential home which caters for 65 older frail adults with Dementia and other complex needs such as hearing and visual impairments and other mental health issues. They come from a wide range of countries and also have different faiths. I have been asked to discuss the values and principles at Rose Parks Residential Home.

At Rose Parks we aim to follow the Care Value Base which is a name given to a framework which encourages and promotes good working practices in a health and social care setting. They aim to help both service users and providers of health ...view middle of the document...

Residents are made to feel comfortable and safe enough to be able to share any worries that they may have.

To be able to communicate using preferred methods of communication whether it is using sign language for those with hearing impairments, Braille for those with visual impairments or things like picture cards for those with mental issues. At Rose Parks whenever we have to communicate with a service user we first ask them their preferred method of communication or if the user themselves can not tell use we can ask their carer or a family member. We then ask them what they preferred to be called by e.g. is it Mrs Smith or Doris. We make sure that we are face-to-face with them and that we speak in a calm and friendly tone of voice. We use language that the individual will understand by using terms and words as some of them have Dementia and other mental issues. We are always aware of any cultural differences of preferences that the service user may have e.g. getting an interpreter to help those who may speak a different language to us this all gives the service user empowerment and confidence as we are making the effort to talk directly at them and not over their heads at carers or family members unless necessary.

To be allowed privacy. At Rose Parks we take privacy very seriously. Carers will knock on the door of a service user’s room before entering so the user feels respected and in control. We also make sure that we maintain confidentiality at Rose Parks, by having respect for the any information about a service user or anything the user tells us as long as keeping that information does not put the service user or anyone else in danger or at harm. Confidentiality means to keep secret, secure, and private and respect someone’s confidence. At Rose Parks we do not discuss any matters with people outside the health and social care setting. If we have to discuss any important information we will first gain the permission of the service user themselves or the permission of their power of attorney then we will only share that information with the necessary people. We don’t promise to keep any secrets if a service user’s wellbeing is being jeopardised.

If you can keep the confidentiality of a service user you will be able to build up a supporting relationship and trust with the service users in your care. You will also create safe environment and increase the users’ self-esteem and confidence.

When storing any confidential information we must make sure that it is store away securely. Any written information must be locked away safely either behind lock and key or with a pass code. Any information that is stored on computers must be secured with a password that only the relevant people have access to. The Data Protection Act 1998 protects service user’s information. Service providers must install security measures so that only authorised and appropriate people can access the confidential information. When staff are using computers to...

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