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Health And Safety Essay

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Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace

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Definition of health and safety management is planned work and actions to identify dangers in workplace so you can reduce incidents and dealings to situations and substances that is harmful. As well as training of workers in prevention of accidents, incident responses, readiness for emergency, and use of protecting equipment’s and clothing. (Business dictionary, 2014) My assignment will show an understanding safety legislation how it’s implemented, responsibility and priority in the health and social care industry; outline understanding how health and safety ...view middle of the document...

This means that the most effective modes of communication must be used to achieve such objective. In this regard, communication usually takes three forms - written, verbal and graphic. Written communication (writing) is drafting of memo, posters and emails, detail lies in clarity and context of message, done on notice boards to pass relevant information to everyone in settings. However it Generate piles of paperwork and much time. But serve as lawful proof if presented in legal proceedings. Verbal communication is an act of carrying messages, ideas and feeling from use of mouth. Verbal communication (speech) is the main way of giving simple, upfront information face-to-face. The key mechanisms of the verbal communication are words, sound, talking, and language (Oxford Dictionary 2014). Still, background noise, voice tone and language can lead to misunderstanding and inappropriate actions. Graphic communication is an effective methods done by symbols, drawings, signs, photographs or videos to provide H&S information on notice boards, to everyone in organization e.g. fire exit, first aid, hand washing, warning signs. This communication method help to reduce risk of injuries, sickness and deaths. (ccohs,2014) under Health and Safety at Work act (H&S)1974 It’s clear that new director will need to understand the importance of complying with certain legal duties on health and safety matters as laid down. Employers are accountable for safeguarding the health and safety of staff and other individuals to premises as is reasonably practicable. Organization must prepare written H&S Policy, statements should show responsibilities of staffs, director and board members, and the procedures to put it into effect. Policy should be review and monitor, when change in organization structure E.G. new technology or management are introduce. H&S should be communicated to staff by notification, issue of documents, training, induction, and briefing reinforce by posters/leaflets throughout the workplace (HSE, 2014).
(nazarko,2007,p,40,41).( 1992) Management of health and safety at work act as amended 2,3) oblige employers to carry out risk assessment on all workplace activities, appoint a competent person to help meet H&S requirements, director may delegate responsibilities to a competent person in the organisation (senior manage or staff) (HSE,2014) risk assessments is cautious checks of what in work settings, might cause hazards for individuals, weigh up whether enough precaution has being taken to prevent further harm or risk, Periodic audits of the effectiveness of risk control should be review and actions implemented for H&S frameworks. (1996) H&S (safety signs and signals) regulations convey Safety Signs Instructions on the provision and use of safety signs at work. Employers are required to deliver particular safety signs to prevent and minimise risk where they can’t be control or eliminated by other means. Aims is to inspire...

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