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Picture This: A Snapshot of Homelessness
David Mello
HCA430: Special Populations
Instructor: Monica Vargas
May 2, 2015

Picture This
A Snapshot of Homelessness
Imagine if you will, for one moment, a reflection of your daily life. For most, it began like any other day; you awoke from your warm and comfortable bed, showered, chose your outfit for the day, ate breakfast, and then went to work or school. As the day came to end, after earning a solid days wage, you went home to a nice warm dinner ready on the table, a bed with fresh linens awaited your tired and heavy eyes, and for the rest of the evening and into the night you slept on a pillow of dreams.
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The disjointed research of past decades has left a stigma with the homeless population that correlates the homeless and indigent with a matter of equality, and if at risk for homelessness due to high vulnerability, that equality is lesser than the average community member. Vulnerability, or the weakness, susceptibility, or proneness to harm, is the outcome of a relationship found between resources that are available to the individual, and communal and life changes and challenges that they face. Vulnerability may stem from personal incapacities, social status, lack of support, lack of finances, age, gender, ethnicity, and how these factors interact in the complexity of their relationship over the life course of the individual.
Facing the Factors
The intent of this paper is to examine the relationship between the physical factors in American society and the factors that affect the individual classifying them as vulnerable to explain the rise in homelessness and how policy interventions, both social and economic, education and income policies, as well as health interventions can affect values or how the society views the vulnerable, that is whether they are victims or sinners, and thus whether they should provide public assistance through a new model program that does not currently exist in the community that will deliver and provide positive factors that decrease or eliminate the factors that account for poverty and homelessness in America.
By first analyzing the strengths and weakness, better known as the factors that impact the poverty stricken and homeless, we can better understand the event or events that lead to this precarious situation. Since income is often related to poverty, and poverty is largely associated with homelessness, we can attribute economic status as one of the causes of poverty. In January of 2011, the National Alliance to End Homelessness released data that outlined the scope of the problem in a report titled State of Homeless 2011 in which “They found that the homeless population across the country increased by 3 percent between 2008 and 2009, with the largest increase among homeless families. Additionally, risk factors for homelessness became more prevalent during this time: unemployment increased by 60 percent, real income for the working poor decreased by 2 percent, with some states seeing decreases of more than 10 percent, a majority of households with incomes below the federal poverty level spent more than half of their monthly incomes on rent, and people living in doubled-up situations increased by 12 percent” (ROUTHIER, 2011). What must be understood is that the path to homeless is not triggered by a single event. Rather, it is a complex series of events or triggers and has been determined that two if not more predictors have been noted in sixty-two percent of the interviewed homeless, suggesting a comorbidity nature of experiences that lead to homelessness; the first and most prevalent being a disruptive...

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