Healing Hospital Essay

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Catherine Fritzlan
Grand Canyon University HLT 302
October 1, 2012
Dr. Sunshine Weeks

Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
The Healing Hospital paradigm is a model that focuses on the holistic approach to health care. It is about loving care and provisions to those that seek recovery and wellness for the whole body on a day-to-day basis. However, the healing model is in contrary to the cure model used in the traditional hospitals that emphasize more on the eradication of illness or sickness through new technology and pharmaceuticals. The healing health care is focused on the return to health and whole ...view middle of the document...

It is an embodiment that radiates a culture of love, care, healing and respect for each patient and caregiver through connection of spiritual awareness and integration of clinical care. To promote a healing facility, leadership must continue to guide and direct all employees and caregivers to be a reflection of a healing environment. This is to ensure the patients and families a development of trust, safety and comfort within the confines of a healing hospital. A true healing environment is constructed in many ways to assist patients, families and all caregivers to deal with the everyday stresses of illness (Eberst, 2008). Provisions of healing care consist of the individualized care for each patient and making sure each one is provided with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, which allows good rest and sleep. With the appropriate environment, the patient’s body can begin to heal within. One way to ensure the peace and comfort for the patient in a healing hospital is to limit all noise level to prevent stress and anxiety. These include lowering the volumes of overhead intercoms; technology equipment, housekeeping equipment and loud talking near the patient’s surroundings. This awareness demonstrated by all staff members shows respect and loving care to enhance the patient’s healing process and at the same time, promotes a calm and stress free atmosphere for the physicians, caregivers and other employees (Eberst, 2008). The mission for a healing hospital is the continued care to improve the overall health and wellness for each patient and to promote a more healthy community for all those that are in service. The healthier the community becomes, the less demand for costly health care resources. But this can only be achieved if each caregiver or employee is provided with the appropriate tools and training to create and inspire health and wellness awareness and living through the daily practice of loving care and holistic approach to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient.
Another key component for an effective healing hospital is the integration of work design and technology that will better equip and enable caregivers and staff to work more efficiently while providing additional privacy and security for their patients. For example, ensuring the respect, privacy and security for the patient by the utilization of “in-house” elevators for transferring patients (only) to specialty departments for further testing and examination without the stress and worry of running into other people in elevators (Eberst, 2008). In addition, all health care facilities must have updated and advanced technologies to help physicians and others to provide and deliver quality health and wellness care. Utilizing the latest technology will overall help to expedite all processes and results that can lead all providers and caregivers to appropriate decision making for treatment and care. The implementation or adoption of the healing...

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