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He Impact Of The 2010 Institute Of Medicine (Iom) Report On The Future Of Nursing In Education, Practice And Leadership

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The Impact of the 2010 Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report on the Future of Nursing in Education, Practice and Leadership

NRS-430V Professional Dynamics
September 12 2012

This paper focuses on expanding the impact of Institute of Medicine report on future of nursing, leading change, advancing health and illustrates its impact on nursing education, practice and leadership. Focus of this report highlights re structuring of the health care system to provide better service to patients.

Today nursing is recognized as a promising career and has gained much significance over the years, several programs for becoming a nursing professional are being offered by universities, community ...view middle of the document...

Factors that affect the achievement of this goal are shortage of qualified faculties, salary disparities, incompetent curriculum and inadequate workforce planning. Certain initiative that were taken to overcome these hurdles are, 1) Inception of VANA (Veterans Affairs Nursing Academy) that focused on partnering with nursing institutions to increase number of faculties for baccalaureate nursing programs and to promote and increase enrollment in nursing programs. 2) Introduction of Carondolet Health Network at Tucson, Arizona. This initiative focused on recruiting and retention of nurses in Arizona .3) HEET (Hospital Employee Education and Training) stressed on both employer needs and career wishes of health care workers.

Professional nursing practice faces several challenges to perform nursing to its full potential. Even with the plan to redesign the education structure as mentioned above, there still exist several barriers such as professional resistance, obsolete insurance policies, guidelines and constraints from state and federal regulations and other geographical challenges that hampers nurses at all level from delivering their full scope of practice. For nurses to reach up to there full potential in today’s highly competent health care system, the IOM committee recommends there barriers should be removed. APRN’s entering practice after demonstrating their competiveness has to confront resistance from physicians in different states across the nation, leashing their ability to full perform to the scope of their practice. The ability of the patient to receive quality heath care will be affected if these blockades that limit APRNS capability to perform to the full ability, not removed. Complexities of U.S health care system also limit seamless functioning of hospital services such as insurance reimbursement.
As a registered nurse proving health care, I will...

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