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Hd 1170 Study Guide Essay

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HD 1170 Prelim 2 Study Guide Spring 2014
You should know all of the material covered in lectures through March 25th, and all of the information in the assigned readings from Steinberg’s chapters 9, 10, 11, & 12.
Strategies for Studying
Start early: It takes many hours over a period of days to learn the material
You might wish to check the completion of your notes by comparing them to those provided by TakeNote, which are on reserve in Mann Library.
Study in groups if you find that helpful.
Do not simply memorize the material; be able to apply it to practical situations.
Know the format of Prelim 2 is the same as Prelim 1: 50 questions, all multiple choice.
Autonomy: Steinberg, ...view middle of the document...

Describe Kohlberg’s theory of the development of moral reasoning, including the three levels of reasoning he proposes.
What are some criticisms of Kohlberg’s theory?
How is moral reasoning related to moral behavior?
What are three shifts in political and religious beliefs during adolescence?

Intimacy: Steinberg, chapter 10
What is intimacy?
How are children’s friendships different from adolescents’ friendships?
Describe Sullivan’s theory of the development of intimacy including its focus on interpersonal needs and how those change throughout development.
What are the stages and needs which Sullivan proposes occur in adolescence?
What is a “chumship” and what does an individual learn in one?
How is the quality of attachment formed in infancy related to the relationships formed in adolescence?
Adolescents with insecure attachments are more likely to exhibit what kinds of emotional and behavioral problems?
Middle school girls develop a concern in friendship that is unique to them during ages 13 to 15; what is it?
What do we know from research about sex differences in intimacy?
How are gender roles (masculinity, femininity, androgyny) predictive of intimacy in relationships? Which aspects of Sullivan’s theory are supported by research and which aspects are not?
Compare and contrast intimacy with parents and peers during adolescence.
Regardless of an adolescent’s gender, friendships with which gender are more intimate?
At what point in adolescence are dating relationships characterized by intimacy?
How is dating in early adolescence different from dating in middle and late adolescence?
What are the four components of attachment?
How do affiliative relationships differ from attachment relationships?
In what order are the components of attachment typically shifted from parents to peers?
In late adolescence when peers begin to be considered primary attachment figures (instead of parents), the peers are usually romantic partners. What role does sexual attraction seem to play in attachment bonds between romantic partners?
Which component of attachment usually does not shift to peers who are not romantic partners?
Sexuality: Steinberg, chapter 11.
What four factors does Steinberg note are related to healthy sexual development in adolescents? What is sexual socialization?
Explain the differences in sexual socialization in what Ford and Beach called restrictive, semirestrictive and permissive societies?
How would you characterize sexual socialization in contemporary American society?
What is autoerotic behavior?
What are the approximate percentages of adolescents who have had sexual intercourse by age 15 and by age 18?
Know the gender and ethnic differences in age at first intercourse that Steinberg describes.
What are three historical trends in sexual intercourse among US adolescents in the past 40 years? First intercourse for adolescents before age 16 is associated with what other attitudes and behaviors? How are...

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