Hcs Communication Theory Essay

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Communication Theory
Patty Sinsel
HCS 320
March 11, 2012
Tralacia Brown

Communication Theory
Communication is essential to having a productive workforce. When there is a lack of communication there is a lack of understanding. Having good communication in the work place makes employees feel a sense of empowerment. When discussion is encouraged the employee can express his or her own opinion. This feeling goes all the way up the chain of command. When a company can bring everyone together and talk about issues at hand it presents a notion of equality and morale increases. When the morale increases productivity increases. This makes a better work environment for all. There are road ...view middle of the document...

Even though there are barriers in the communication everyone must make an effort to overcome them. The main goal of the company should be to have a clear path of communication no matter what gender or race the employee is. Although gender can play a huge role in how one communicates with others, cultural differences also can be an issue for all those involved.
One major cultural difference is the language barrier. With larger corporations where there are divisions overseas, and you have many cultures working together. This can cause a number of difficulties. There can be the simple translation misunderstanding or a total lack of understanding altogether. So many things are lost in translation. It could be vital information that can make or break a deal, or even cause mass panic in a company because of one word being mistranslated. There are also many different rules in different companies and what is required in one division may not be required in another. This can cause a loss of information as well. Employee communications is at the core of our overall communications effort. Face to face communication is most likely the clearest form of communication but it is the most costly from and administrative perspective. Employees accept and are as productive with electronic communications but feel it is not as confidential (Kupritz, 2011).
Each organization has different issues to deal with. One way to improve on all issues is to listen to the employees of that...

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