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Hcs/533 Future Trends In Health Care

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Future Trends in Health Care
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10 February 2014
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Future Trends in Health Care
Electronic health records have become more prevalent in the current health care system than it was 10 years ago. Electronic health records were not used to the extent it is today for patient documentation. Without the advancement in electronic medical records, most of the information that is transferred so easily to other providers would not be able to happen.
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Saving time and money are the biggest trends in health care today. Electronic health records allow providers the “ability to send real-time task and data about the patient to another doctor, hospital, or a lab” (Chey, 2011, p. 1). Stored medication history alerts providers of medication contraindications by sending system alerts and “reduce drug errors that could be caused by the inability to read a doctor’s handwriting” (Chey, 2011, p. 1). Electronic health records are pricey to implement and the cause for smaller clinic not to adopt them but ultimately they save money by eliminating “paper usage and extra staffing that was often needed to transport charts from one of its offices to another” (Chey, 2011, p. 1).
The impact that electronic health records has made on the quality of care delivered because the implementation has been helpful in streamlining patient care by trying to maintain a more efficient and effective way to delivery health care. Whereas EHR provides these benefits that seem like a flawless system of record keeping, however there does contain some struggles because this system seems to be designed more for clinical transactions than for clinical care, and may not be “easy to use in some care settings” (Middleton, Bloomrosen, & Dente, 2013).
There is still room for improvement, and there are some indications that quality of care is improving because of the easy of charting, medication administering, order entry system, and other vital necessities. McCann (2012), claims “the findings of a new study underscore the positive correlation between high quality care in physician practices and the use” of EHR’s,the “study demonstrates that the significant investment in EHRs by both the federal government, which has already invested some $29 billion in incentives, and physicians who use them will result in better care” and has by a composite score associated with a higher quality of care.
A few advantages of the integration of EHR has been an improved standardization of processes that are a foundation and guidelines for departments such as Medical Records, Medication Management, Individual Accountability, and a Computerized physician order entry (CPOE).
While there are still many years before a complete EHR system to function within a single entity that will provide the organization with financial needs, improved patient safety, quality of care, and overall standardization, the foundation, and ground work needs to be organized, learned from, and continual streamline regulations and review standards with quality of care forefront the only results will be improved quality of care. Middleton, Bloomrosen, & Dente, 2013, state that the AMIA recommends to improve practices prioritize standardized use cases for patient safety and keep researching and promoting best practices for safe implementation of EHR.
The United States is a...

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