Hcs 350 Personal/Professional Healthcare Communication

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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication
HCS 350
May 12, 2014
Kristina Alums

Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication
Communication is the act of using words, signs, sounds, technology, symbols, or emotions to express or exchange information about one’s ideas, thoughts, or feelings to someone else. Health care communication is information that can be exchanged in the same ways but its main point is to enhance health. It is a necessary element of interaction between nurses, physicians, patient’s, and family members. The communication helps to enhance health by including information about disease prevention, diagnoses, treatment, health promotion, and health care ...view middle of the document...

It can also lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace. Nurses are typically the “gate keepers” between the physician and patient. We breakdown the physician lingo so that the patient understands, we encourage patients to ask questions, seek clarification, encourage second opinions, and even spend time defending the physician’s competence.
If there is a communication issue or misunderstanding by what a physician is conveying to the nurse, it is the nurse’s responsibility to seek clarification. Most of us do not like confrontation; however when it comes to patient care and safety, confrontation is a MUST by the nurse. Communication should try and take place with a calming tone of voice. A person’s tone of voice can either make the situation (communication) worse or calm it down. Nurses are good listeners in general so listening to the physician’s viewpoint can enhance the communication interaction. “Understanding the physician’s point of view or perspective can enhance communication and the likelihood of a successful resolution” (Arnold, 2011. P.457). Just as there should be a relationship of trust between patients and physicians, there should be an even stronger relationship of trust and communication between physicians and nurses. Effective communication is a win-win situation for the physician-nurse which will ultimately transfer into a win-win situation between the physician-patient. It is a collaborative effort on all parties.

Nurse-Patient Communication
In a recent Medscape article, it notes that “a new Gallup survey shows that medical professionals are among the most trusted people in the United States, with 85% of survey respondents ranking nurses highest for honesty and ethics, followed by pharmacists (75%) and physicians (70%)” (2012). This proves that the majority of communication between nurses and patient’s is effective. Patients have always been drawn to the genuine nurturing and caring attitudes of nurses. These factors, along with effective communication, are the back bone to building the trusting relationships with patients.
Effective Professional Communication to Health Outcomes
Patients that positively understand the entire picture regarding their health can create successful health outcomes. The success of these outcomes involves the success of good communication between patients and their health care team. When the communication is understood the patient is more likely to follow through with recommendations, start to self-manage their condition(s), and take part in preventive health behaviors. When the healthcare team “bonds” with the patient it can empower them by having some participation in their health and healthcare decisions. Realizing that poor communication can lead to poor and even tragic patient outcomes, literature has shown that effective communication can lead to improved and effective patient outcomes.

Ineffective Communication Contributing to Poor Health Outcomes
Professional Communication...

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