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I work for a small vocational college. Although the student population has grown since we opened the doors and started classes two years ago, the college is still considered a mom and pop college in comparison to the larger vocational colleges that we compete with. However, when it comes to communication, size does not matter. I enjoy working for my employer and most of my co-workers, although, we do have a few pitfalls when it comes to communication.
One of the most effective techniques for sharing information and ideas is meeting face to face to brainstorm. Brainstorming meetings can be very effective if it is planned the right way. It is important for all members of the team to come ...view middle of the document...

“Diversity in the healthcare environment can also cause communication difficulties that impede effective service delivery. Many communication difficulties stem from differences in cultural values, languages, and points of view, and usually they can be overcome by understanding their source and applying techniques to resolve them (Thiederman S., 1996). One of the most effective techniques of sharing information and ideas in a health care work environment is putting it in writing in a language that everyone in the work place can understand. This technique insures that every staff member understands what has been written and can always retrieve the document information to reference the information or idea shared.
In some work environments management can become closed minded to the ideas of their subordinates. This can create a work environment where the staff feels that their ideas do not matter. I believe that all ideas should be heard, discussed, and considered whether or not you are in management. Sharing ideas and discussing ideas as...

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