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Communications Coordinator
As the Communications Coordinator for the Cobbs National Drug Manufacturer (CNDM) there is rising concern around recent events from the media exposure on the adverse effects one of our nationally advertised medications has had on the Chief-of-Police. According to Athena du Pre, PhD, “Lack of communication can lead to duplicated efforts, costly (and sometimes life-threatening) delays, frustration, and wasted time” (Du Pre, 2005, p. 289) and our goal is to maintain open communication. Today’s meeting will help identify several ways to deliver our message. Today’s meeting will help to brainstorm communication methods regarding the negative publicity surrounding the ...view middle of the document...

This is a common practice and therefore the statement released by the company needs to be as precise and to the point as possible. CNDM is the sender of the information and responsible for relaying the message to the receivers on a widely understandable level. CNDM is responsible for finding the universal method to make our message acceptable and understood by the public. Using traditional media for advertising and general information, and never patient information, is the correct utilization for health care organizations. Using patient information in any form of traditional media is a HIPAA violation. Second, electronic media is an advantage to reaching additional audiences. Fax, Internet, texting, and e-mail are examples of electronic media that will reach a wide range of audience. Using these electronic media outlets allows the company to access mass media on a potentially worldwide basis. People have instant access on many devices that makes communication constantly accessible. Electronic media is also a growing form of communication within health care and needs to be taken seriously. Patient information is easily accessible with a smartphone so exercise care when opening texts, e-mails, and other patient information. The disadvantages of electronic media are that information is immediately available and can spiral quickly out of control. Good news, and bad news, is instantly available and can spread quickly and influence peoples initial thoughts and ideas. As with traditional media, electronic media can be twisted and changed to create a completely different message. Electronic media can be hacked by hackers of various levels for different purposes. The implementations of additional safeguards are needed by CNDM so that the highest level of security is given when posting information electronically. Electronic media is to be used for advertising and general information and never patient information. This is a HIPAA violation. Third, social media is a growing outlet for extending health care information to a large population of people. Social media is an extension of electronic media. Facebook and Twitter are two popular social media sites that communicate information quickly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states “Using social media tools has become an effective way to expand reach, foster engagement and increase access to credible, science-based health messages” ("Health care communication," 2011, p. 4). Social media is growing in popularity and more companies are entering social media by posting information and advertising. Disadvantages associated with social media are the same with electronic media because social media is presented through electronic media avenues. Protecting health care information online is the number one priority and the responsibility of the issuing sender of the information. Firewalls, Information technology, and heightened security measures are the responsibility of the sender as well. There is no...

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