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Hca/250 Final Assignment

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Psychology and Health Issues
Doreen Austin

University of Phoenix

Psychology and Health Issues
Substance abuse is a large problem, that can be found everywhere, and is does not only affect certain groups of individuals. When individual’s turn to substance abuse and become addicted, they will be dependent on whatever it is they are using to prevent from having physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms, which creates a cycle many cannot break on their own. There are two main stages of addiction to substances, or addictions in general, which the first stages is dependence where the individual’s life is dominated by the search for the substance because they depend on it ...view middle of the document...

Individuals that suffer from addiction often lose their entire existence in the process, and seem to be a changed person, as their main focus will shift to achieving that first high over and over again, instead of living normal, and not disappointing individuals around them (Mayo Clinic, 2011).
There is a high risk for suicide and substance abuse in todays military, and the United States Army has different resources for Soldiers and their families. Though the government offers a lot of resources to any member of the armed forces, it seems that the person seeking help will face immediate consequences before receiving help. Within the military, any abnormal behavior will be reported through one’s chain of command, which will affect the individual immediately, professionally and financially. The improvements I would recommend for the ASAP (Army Substance Abuse Program) are simple, but I believe that they would be much more effective in giving affected individuals the chance to seek help. Seeking help for substance abuse is already a hard thing for an addict to do, and if one does seek help, he should be able to rest assure that his information will be kept confidential, unless he or she poses a risk for themselves or others. The steps taken within the military should not be activated until one is unwilling to enter treatment, and get helped. Substance abuse is more of an illegal offense, which will be punished as such within the military communities, with soldiers being released from duty immediately.
As mentioned prior in this paper, individuals that abuse substances, usually have other underlying psychological problems, and need to be treated for both to be able to live a normal life. Anyone can become addicted, and abuse substances; there is no scientific proof of certain groups being more likely to abuse substances. There are a few risk factors, such as a family history of substance abuse, peer pressure, and as mentioned prior other psychological issues like anxiety, depression, or PTSD (Post-traumatic-Stress-Disorder) for example. Anything that arises unexpectedly could cause one to start using and abusing substances, just because they may have never learned proper ways to cope with these issues, and the substance may offer short term relief from the worries that accompany these issues.
Individuals that are addicted to substances most times need professional help to be able to quit their addiction. There are many program’s in communities, as well as special centers for rehabilitation across the nation, that offer professional help, including help with the physical withdrawal, as well as the psychological withdrawal, and to deal with the cause of the addiction. In some cases medications may be used to...

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