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Hca 240 Infectious Disease Essay

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Infectious Disease

March 4, 2012
Infectious Disease
The purpose of this paper is to explain the inflammatory response to HIV and AIDS, describe the disease, how it is transmitted, and the environment factors that may make someone vulnerable to it. Additionally, this paper will identify standards and alternative treatments to HIV and AIDS, the methods used to control the spread of the disease and the consequences of not controlling it. Finally, this paper will include community health promotion and wellness strategies to help prevent the disease.
AIDS was first noted in the early 1980s among men with multiple sexual contact with other men and drug users who shared hypodermic needles (Zelman, Raymond, Holdaway, & Mulvilhil. 2010). Since first note in the early 1980s HIV and AIDS have not been exclusive to men but have infected women as well. AIDS is now known as one of the top causes of death in women. HIV is the fourth leading cause of death ...view middle of the document...

2012). AIDS is most common in the African population because of lack of education and healthcare resource to protect against AIDS and the spread. Ninety-five percent of people living with HIV live in the developing world, with over 60% in sub-Saharan Africa (Zelman, Raymond, Holdaway, & Mulvilhil. 2010). HIV is transmitted by unprotected anal, oral or vaginal intercourse; birth; breast-feeding; and the sharing of needles.
Moreover, the way that the HIV virus enters the body is by mucous membranes or by blood to blood contact. The most common way is by sexual intercourse. When two people have intercourse and they are not using any type of protections such as condom; their bodily fluid will come on contact with each other and this how the virus is contracted. Similarly, if someone was to share a needle with another person who was infected with the virus, the blood would enter the non-infected person’s body and now they have the virus. Last, if a pregnant mother has the virus it is very likely that she can pass the virus to per unborn child through blood supply and without the proper medical treatment.
Last, there is no cure for HIV at this time although medication can delay the onset of AIDS. A person may have HIV symptoms or AIDS symptoms without knowing it until they get tested. Drug therapy that begins shortly after infection increases the chances that the immune system will not be destroyed by HIV. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is the recommended treatment for HIV infection (Zelman, Raymond, Holdaway, & Mulvilhil. 2010). The alternative treatment method to prevent the spread of HIV is having protected sex or no sex at all.
In conclusion, there are several out reach programs that offer education and free HIV testing. Because HIV is the leading cause of death in America there are free HIV testing facilities and free clinics that offer education material as well as condoms. Since the 1980s education about HIV and AIDS awareness has increased. I can recall when I was growing up that syphilis was the sexually transmitted disease that had no cure.
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