Hca/210 Proposal For A New Health Care System

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Proposal for a New Health Care System

Proposal for a New Health Care System

The government or insurance companies are not entirely responsible of reducing the expenditures on health care. Health care is the responsibility of the entire nation, in which everybody should contribute to change the system, and the quality of their lives making changes for their own benefit. People should have a better education, alimentation, and access to the basic health care, if these could be possible the country could have a better life status. Parents, relatives, teachers, nurses, doctors, insurance companies, government and many more institutions could contribute to this ...view middle of the document...

Cutting funds in those areas where the money is mismanaged will help to use that money in areas that require more attention.
Create wellness programs in schools, jobs, and medical facilities to educate people about the importance of do not smoke, keep a good health, exercise, and eat healthier. The creation of these kinds of programs will help to educate the society to keep a good health and it will minimize chronicle illnesses such as, prevent death associated with smoking, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high blood glucose levels, and many more illnesses that could be prevented to eliminate health care cost. According to the article “Ranking 37th — Measuring the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System” a vast number of preventable deaths associated with smoking (465,000 per year), hypertension (395,000), obesity (216,000), physical inactivity (191,000), high blood glucose levels (190,000), high levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (113,000), and other dietary risk factors could be reduced if a wellness program is created.
Health insurances and the government should Implement a system in which health insurances, individuals, employers, and the government come together as a team to create funds to offer the basic health insurance to every individual at low cost and implement an extra cost for advanced services in health care. Offering health coverage to everyone will cut the expenditures in health care and all the...

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