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Q1: Do organization prefer conformists? what are the implications of the personal relationship between manager and employee on performance assessment??

As conformists are considered as a key to be agreeable at a point whether in an innovation team or as working in a team. As ideal team need both conformists and creative as well.
Performance assessment involves an assessment about what has been achieved and and what has been accomplished and provides a bases of career planning and potential development.
Implications of personal relationship between managers and employee on performance assessment
Mostly the personal relationship between manager and employee greatly affect the performance assessment as in that case there ...view middle of the document...

it requires promoting an idea through accepted channels ,risk taking and most importantly mistakes tolerance.

Q2: Discuss the external factors that can affect the process of performance assessment within an organization. Do they help or hinder that process?

Performance assessment is actually evaluating the achievements ,succeses and on the bases to set new goals and targets and career planings.

 Performance Assessment 
occurs just prior to the formal performance review.  At this time, the employee’s supervisor gathers the documentation generated throughout the review period. 

Performance planning
Performance Planning is the first step in an effective performance appraisal process, performance planning is setting guidelines and clarifying expectations for the employee
The positives aspects that can affect the performance appraisal

360 degree appraisal

A 360 degree appraisal is a type of employee performance appraisal in which subordinates, co-workers, and managers all anonymously rate the employee. This information is then incorporated into that person's performance review.

Performance Review is the formal process of reviewing performance with the employee.   The employee and supervisor meet to review and discuss the formalized assessment and then begin the process again by setting goals and standards for the next
Goal setting appraisal

The measurement of employees performance by looking that weather the employee has achieved the given target or not, some times this approach causes biasness.

Procedural justice appraisal

This is concerns with how the employee has completed his work by which.
External factors like

Diversification is a form of growth strategy. it involves a significant increase in performance objective. Growth in sales is often used as a measure of performance
It sometimes hinders or sometimes boosts or helps the process of performance assessment.

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