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Hbr Case Response Essay

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Q1 How often do I communicate a vision and key priorities to achieve the vision?
A1 In my professional carrier, when I work with my team, I try to make a point to reflect on the key goals that are set by the firm and try to align ourselves accordingly. However, most often than not, I sometimes get confused with the mixed signals that I receive from the senior management. They sometimes don’t speak the same language. Especially for the big firms the challenge has been to get synergies and work in tandem.
As far as my personal goals are concerned, I always make an earnest effort to progress my life in a way to get closer to my goal. However, I do agree that l sometimes get lost and move away ...view middle of the document...

It gives an opportunity to evaluate the past performance. I provide positive feedback on the good work and cultivate continued behaviour on that aspect. Similarly I talk about the areas of development. This would help the individual to improve on his/her skills and become an expert. This also helps the individual to take corrective actions to improve on the performance. I try to keep 1-1 discussions every week to keep regular touch point on the performance and check progress on key action plans. I also believe in providing timely feedback. Any delayed feedback is a useless feedback and it doesn’t help the individual to remember the exact activity related to the feedback. I always like to have an actions plan that clearly defines the next steps to accomplish any tasks or developmental areas. And I also have touch points to evaluate the progress on these tasks.

Q4 Have I identified potential successors?
A4 To be honest, I don’t have any potential successor yet. The reason for this is the relative tenure of my team. Most of the employees under me are less the 1 yr in the organization. And I was myself new to my current department. But, I do see some key people with potentials who could be my successors. And I have started delegating some of my tasks to these key team members. This will give them good exposure to the role that they might have to take in the future. I truly believe that this is key for any organization.

Q5 Am I attuned to business changes that may require shifts in how we run the company?
A5 I work with HSBC and Change is a norm in my organization. I am fully accustomed to changing...

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