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Hawaii Essay

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This essay describes three of the major reasons why people who have a busy schedule are able to attend Western Governors University (WGU). The first point argued is that they are able to complete individual classes at their own pace, including speeding through classes they find easy and taking more time on difficult classes. The second point argued is that they are able to arrange their own hours to work around their schedules, even those that work awkward or ...view middle of the document...

It is concluded from these arguments that WGU is a good place for people with busy lives to continue their education.

Western Governors University: University for a Busy Lifestyle
People with busy lifestyles, varying schedules, and extreme time restrictions may think that getting their college degree is impossible. WGU is a school that accommodates just these sorts of people. WGU offers all of the advantages of a traditional university in an online package. It is the perfect school for students with busy lifestyles because these students are able to complete individual classes at their own pace, arrange their own hours, and do their schooling from home or wherever they feel most comfortable without sacrificing the support structure of a standard university.
WGU gives its students the ability to progress through individual classes at their own pace. This allows students that struggle in a particular class to spend extra time learning the material without being left behind. Students that excel in a particular subject are also allowed the freedom to progress quickly through these classes and move on to other subjects. This system allows people with many different aptitudes to tailor their educational experience to meet their...

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