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Having A Successful Interview Essay

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Having a Successful Interview

In our days most people are defined by their job, the unemployment rate increases and the work positions available for new employees decrease dramatically. Just having a good CV, a long list with degrees and masters or hundreds of hours experience, you will not get the job unless you learn how to present yourself. The ability to persuade a prospective employer that you are the best choice for the job and actually convince him or her to hire you, is the main difficulty that most people face and lots of times do not pass as a result they do not get the jobs they ...view middle of the document...

Bare in mind that interviewers base their questions on five principles and most of the questions asked will be in order for him or her to determine firstly, the impact of your appearance, speech and manner brings out in other people. Secondly, if you posses the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake the work required. Thirdly, how quickly and accurately your mind works in relation to the job on offer. Fourthly, how motivated you are, and how much effort you are prepared to apply. And finally, how well you can adjust to the job requirements, the colleagues and the company’s requirements. Understanding the structure of the interview will help you understand what the interviewer is looking for and that way you could customize your answer in order to help him recognize that you have what it takes to do the job.

On the day of the interview arrive around fifteen minutes earlier than your appointment. Be polite and professional to all. Ensure you have the following items with you: the advert with the vacancy announcement, your CV, a copy of your application letter, the letter of invitation, the research you did on the company and filled neatly in a plastic folder. In the event you need to show any of these documents this will show how well organized you are. Additionally you might need to refer to a specific point on any of these documents. Knowing exactly where each and every one is will give you extra confidence. It would also be handy to keep in a separate folder your pre-interview planning and examples of your work that you can demonstrate if asked. In your brief case or handbag, have a hairbrush, clothes brush, tooth brush, nail brush, shoe brush, peppermints and appropriate newspaper.

Overcome any nervousness you might have by repeating to yourself a positive statement; prepare ahead something that will apply to you (an example is: I am a young and determined professional, with ...

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