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Havi Logistics Strategic Management Essay

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1. Introduction
1.1 About the company
HAVI Logistics understands itself as a Lead Logistics Provider for the food service industry. Nearly 6000 employees across Europe are providing sophisticated and benefitable logistic solutions for restaurant chains, catering services and gas station stores. Since its founding in November 1981, HAVI Logistics has provided its clients with all-time carefree distribution services of all food and non-food articles in three temperature classes - deep frozen, cooled and dry - and delivered them to 8,641 locations.

HAVI runs 55 distribution centers all across continental Europe. A good 74 m units sold are yearly moved by ...view middle of the document...

Today, logistics is a strategic system consisting of several steps that are thoroughly synchronized, providing a complex service solution. (Gate4logistics, [03/07/2013]) At the same time logistics has become a strategic instrument of company management. As a component of a complex chain, it exerts strong influence on the economic performance and the creation of a company’s value. Wanting to be successful in this all-surrounding branch, it is imperative to understand and execute the flow of information and goods as a coherent process. Logistics embraces all classic corporate departments such as purchase, processing and personnel and adjusts them accordingly in order to achieve optimum performance. (Berufs und Beschäftigungsguide Logistik, [03/04/2013])
Logistics embraces the control and planning of the flow of goods and the information included, all the way from the acquisition to the production and distribution to the very disposal. Logistics’ true goal is to perfectly deploy all commercial resources in order to deliver the right quantity of the right item of the quality required to the right place, at the right time and at the most competitive price. (Jünemann,1989)
In Germany, logistics is the third largest industrial sector after automobile and trade, with a turnover of € 223 bn in 2012. Approximately 90,000 mostly medium-sized companies employ around 2.8 Mio. people, of which in fact 85 % of the enterprises employ not more than 20. The other 15 %, however are made up for by global players. According to the “Top 100 of Logistics”, 200,000 work for the ten largest logistic groups. (Frauenhofer IIL [03/07/2013])
The greatest challenge the logistic industry has to face at the moment, is the increasingly competitive and globalized environment. In addition, steadily growing customer expectations, high-speed developing markets and the constant pressure of enhancing efficiency are putting the companies’ solutions to the test. Quick and effective coordination among departments is becoming more and more essential to forwarders.

1.3 Food Logistic industry
The food industry, whose success is increasingly dependent on the eating-habits of final consumers, is one of the most important markets for German food logistics. Today, the final consumer expects an added value which is accounted for by new prosperity, hence asking food logistics to ensure improving product quality and a wider range of products.

Figure 2: Foodservice Logistics brings value to the table

The demand for more customized and higher quality ultimately leads to high product diversity and quality. In food logistics it is imperative, the value creating chain functions as effectively and smoothly as possible, as the goods are generally of fragile and perishable nature. (Frische Logistik [03/05/2013]) The general rule is: the fresher the goods and the lower the stage of processing, the higher are requirements for storage and transport.

If you offer foods logistics,...

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