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Have You Ever Experienced Falling In Love?

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Have you ever experienced falling in love? How do you know if you're in love? Does age really matter when you fall in love? What does love feel like? These are some of the questions asked by teenagers like me.

I, as a teenager, admit that I have loved someone, and have been loved back. At first, I didn't know that, but I woke up one morning and realized that I was in love with him. I taught myself that time that I was too young for love since I was just 15 years old back then, but in reality, age does not really matter at all. Love is the greatest feeling in the whole world.

Moreover, as a teenager we can't help but get curious in things like love. So I decided to read an article about teenage love. And while I was browsing the internet, I've come across an article entitled "What ...view middle of the document...

” Francis is right, we are in a place of confusion because sometimes, we feel like we are old enough to handle these love situations and sometimes we feel that we are too young to be serious in love. Teens also conclude that they're in love with someone but then they don’t realize that they are just infatuated.

Out of curiosity, teens want to experience and explore something new about themselves that is connected with love. It is because they hear from certain people that if love is real, there should be sexual intercourse involved. But for me, it's not real love if it’s only lust. And if you really love someone, you will respect her/him. That’s what I call love.

Indeed, no one can say if teenage love is real or not, but as you experience love in your teenage years, you'll learn from it and become wiser the next time you fall in love again. In fact, nobody is an expert when it comes to love. Besides, we can't control love, it just comes around. And we will get shocked that one day, we fell in love someone. Even more, there is nothing wrong with falling in love, but sometimes the people in it make mistakes. We just have to know how to handle love.

And as we take on our teenage life, we will get along with other people and unexpectedly fall in love. But it doesn't matter whether it’s real or not, as long as we are enjoying our life. We are still young, and there are many experiences that await us.

Above all, according to Francis K. Githinji, “One thing that we can say for sure is that, if the love during teenage is not real; the person involved will have to learn through experience. Thankfully, teenage is only a phase of life and as you grow, you will discover things and become wiser in the matter of love.”

Love each other to the fullest and live life to fullest! ;)

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