Hate Crimes In The United States

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The Prevalence and Occurrences of Hate Crimes in the United States
Doris Davis
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For our Unit 3 IP assignment we are to discuss the definition of hate crimes. To provide how hate crimes have increased in the United States. We are to provide some insight of how these hate crimes can be decreased. In doing so who or what type of persons commits these crimes of hate. Who are the target victims of these hate crimes, listing cause and effects of these hate crimes and what actions that can be taken to minimize the control of continuing of these hate crimes.
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(You have about 60.6% white, 19.7% black, 13% unknown race)
In 2004 9,528 there were victims of hate crimes, 9.514 were associated with an incident involving a single bias. 53.8% were victims of racial prejudice, 67.9% were victimized because of anti-black attitudes and 20.1% were targets of anti-white sentiments. Then there were those victims of sexual orientation the majority of those were 60.9%, religions made up of 16.7%, victims of anti-Jews and 12.7% of anti-Islamic. So the typical individual or individuals that are committing these types of crimes are those that are not in liking of their culture, who are against or maybe been taught to hate those certain groups. They come in all sort of forms. Man, women, and teens. Different race and ethnicity. In 1999, 70% of crime offenders were white, 16% black, 4% multiracial, 2% Asian Pacific Island, 1% Native American, 9% unknown race. Along with this 80% back in 1999 were crimes against other people. Individuals that commit these crimes stem from those untreated physical, mental stability of understanding right from wrong. Being isolated, vulnerable, angry, being discriminated, being hated and unwanted, maybe even being raised to just only to behave that way of living of doing hate crimes to another person or things.
Targets or victims. Targets or victims of hate crimes are those that are Jew, Muslims, and gay men according to the Washington post in 2012. (Washington post 2012)
For the gay men, every 10,000 gay men there were nearly two victims of a hate crime. Among religions there were more than 150 victims of hate crimes for every one million Jews, and 80 victims of hate crime for every one million Muslims. For racial groups blacks and Native Americans hate crimes is at the highest rate.
Cause and effect of hate crimes. Some causes and effects of hate crimes are committed on persons due to how different they appeared, what they believe in or act. The cause of certain hate crimes stem from different of race, religion or sexual orientation. Effects that they would go to the length as to kill, taught, tease, or even beat another human person or even animals. People of different agenda have factors within themselves to want to commit such crimes that would leave to certain concerns for society, with little thinking of their consequences and realizing what they have done was very wrong. An example of hate crime of cause and effect it would be the incident of the four white policemen who brutally beat Rodney King Jr. a black man half to death. The hate behind this was not cause of his color as some would have put it but because of the...

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