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Hate Crimes Essay

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Teniesha Hayes
CJC 214
John Annis
October 28, 2010
Hate Crimes
The word hate is described as having a strong distaste for something or someone. It is a very harsh word that is loosely thrown around in conversation without thinking of the negativity that word can bring. To some individuals who feel they have to act out their hate end up committing hate crimes or a criminal act against the very thing they hate. According to the UCR (Uniform Crime Report) from the FBI databases in 2008 there were 7,783 hate crimes reported. Of the reported crimes religious, racism, and sexualism are a few that cause so many communities to be divided against each other.
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The terrorist who brought down these buildings were Muslims, but not all Muslims are terrorists so some people are ignorant to that fact so because of the ignorance and fear some commit crimes. They burn churches or vandalize their places of worship, attack families, and assault them with weapons. Even teenagers get involved and commit these violent acts. It’s not right to judge or discriminate and those that do will face some form of consequences one way or another.
Racism has been around for years. It is defined as having hatred towards someone because of their skin, color, language or because they were born in a different place and believing that one race is superior to another. Because of this hatred we have seen slavery, and wars. For the most part studies have shown that crimes are usually committed against African Americans and Hispanics. Some crimes are committed against other races but not as high. A recent racially inspired hate crime that publicly put the white and black race against each other was Jena Six. Six black teenagers were convicted of beating a fellow white student in Jena, Louisiana. There were reports of noose hangings and arson. All which people and the media help portrayed all the incidences to be racially motivated. Some believed that the boys’ charges were so extreme and not fair. There were petitions, online followings, rallies in the streets of Jena, Louisiana with famous people and people from all over the U.S in attendance supporting the fact that the punishment did not fit the crime and that their white counterparts punishments for similar crimes did not receive the same penalties. These cases split the races against each other in the city of Jena. It seems that the black and white races seem to be most publicized which could have something to do with the years of slavery. There are racial hate crimes within the workforce, in schools, and law enforcement. We all remember the infamous police brutality case of Rodney King and the videotape that showed it all. There was reason to believe that the Duke Lacrosse case involving a black female accusing three white Duke University students of raping her at a party was racially motivated. No matter how hard we try the world will always be filled with criminal acts that attack some form of race, whether it be whites against blacks, Hispanic against blacks, and Asians against Native Americans. Unfortunately racism will always exist.
Hate towards sexual orientation is a very controversial topic. These crimes are directed towards a person who identifies themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex. They are attacked by individual people, or a group of people and church groups who hate what they believe they represent. In 2004, sexual orientation was the third largest hate crimes of all the hate crimes. A person who chooses to be gay is viewed to be morally wrong, and disgusting. In 1993, Brandon Teena was raped and murdered in...

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