Hate Crime Or Child's Play Essay

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“Hate crime or child’s play”
Some have been calling it “Child’s play” or an act of innocent violence, for others it a “Hate crime” and murder nothing less. If a child of 15 years old is shot point blank it is not simply two kids playing around it is a hate crime. Hate crimes in this case aren’t those of race, weight, or any others of those matters. The big issue for this hate crime is gay discrimination; which include crimes against those who are bi-sexual, gay, or transsexual. In the case of Lawrence king, a victim of such hate crimes, we will discuss the story of Lawrence King as well as the cause and the effects of these heinous crimes.
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King was currently living a shelter for abused and troubled children at the time of his death. Even though the police did not have to look very hard to find out the residence of this poor child, it is surprising that none of the teachers or councilors would pull him aside and make sure this poor child was ok. If even one teacher had stepped up and found out the true story of Lawrence King then they may have been able to put a stop to the teasing and tormenting which in turn could have saved the child’s life. The Prosecution of Brandon Mcinerney has been brought back to the courts for a re-trial. Granted that this is only one very tragic story it is not the only tragedy due to hate crimes based on sexuality in the United States.
Sexually based hate crimes have been on the rise in the US since the idea or topic of being bi-sexual, gay, or transgender have become more and more popular in the US. Unfortunately for all Americans especially for those Americans, who do suffer such hate crimes, the cause is usually no more than “They” referring to those who are bi-sexual, gay or transgender are viewed as different or not “Normal”. Who is qualified to say what normal is? For many normal could be defined as everyday life that one has grown accustom to, or even basic standards for a person to be civil, but as far Normal there is no such a concept. Along with these forms of hate crimes comes the term homophobic and homophobia which is defined as an unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality, according to Dictionary.com. Even though homosexuality is defined as a sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one’s own sex, many people today have adopted homophobic to include being homosexual (gay) as well as acts of homosexuality (bi-sexual), and even as far as those who change their physical appearance because of these feelings (transsexual). As these factors in life grow more and more common so does the issues of the hate crimes against these victims.
Many of the victims of hate crimes often do not speak up or raise an objection to those who perform these heinous crimes for fear of even more ridicule and possibly even public harassment. Hate crimes come in all sizes, shapes, and forms; no...

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