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The Transvall Saga

The setting in this story is out in the desert on an old missile range. This story takes place during the afternoon on a desert-hiking trip. The setting is vital to the story because this is where a major event takes place. The story could not have taken place anywhere else. Because in order for the major event to take place to set the story in motion the main character must be bitten by a snake, and there aren't snakes that bit in a lot of different locations.

Here is the plot of the story. A boy is on a hiking trip in the desert all by himself. He is about to go to bed when he is awakened by a bright, iridescent beam of bluish white light that seemed to be projected at the ground from somewhere in the sky. As the boy is examining the beam of light from the top of a large boulder he is bit by a rattlesnake, which throws him off balance and causes him to fall into the beam of light. The beam transports him to ...view middle of the document...

Mark learned many new survival techniques that I could even use in the wild today. During the story Mark changes from a boy to a strong tough man also he grows to know and understand the people and environment around him. Mark is very realistic so realistic that sometimes I even pictured my self as being him in this new place. If I were Mark I think that the only thing I would have done differently is gotten married sooner.

The title of the book Transall Saga has a simple meaning. Mark discovered from the people of this knew place that they called there world Transall. So if you put it together Transall Saga, really means World Saga. I think that the author chose this for the title because what Mark experiences on Transall really is a great Saga. I think that this is a good title because it really describes what Mark experiences.

I think that the theme of the book is that even though we may encounter extreme or dramatic changes in our lives that we can still grow to survive them. I think that the author is trying to tell us that even though people may look different and live different lives we still have the same basic needs. The main thing that I have learned from this book that I could apply and use are some of the great survival techniques. I could apply these if I was ever in the wild, or in a life-threatening situation.

The incident that I enjoyed the most is when mark escaped from the volcano people who had captured him and his friends. Mark was so big and strong that when he fought these people he usually fought more then one of them, because for some reason the people of this strange place where so much smaller then he was. Except for Marks greatest enemy the Merkon who was actually from the same place as Mark.

If the book were to continue for a few more years I think that Mark would find a cure for the virus that changed our planet and every thing on it. He would try to prevent our planet from changing into Transall. He would even find cures for other viruses.

I think that anyone who enjoys an exciting an action filled story would love to read this book. It is great for all ages and isn't difficult to understand. It also has some interesting characters. When it comes right down to it this is just a great book.

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