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Has The Increased Proliferation Of It In Our Society Changed The Way We View And Value Our Perceptions Of Privacy

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Information technology is all around in life, at work, home, school, university even sports grounds. The following essay will examine what effects the proliferation of information technology has had on our view of privacy. Some say that our perception of privacy have not changed, however there are others that our do not agree and believe our perception has changed dramatically due to the saturation levels in our society


“Modern technology is facilitating the steady disappearance of individual privacy – even under normal circumstances. Add a real or hyped threat to the common good and the erosion of individual privacy is further accelerated” (Caloyannides, M ...view middle of the document...

The first group 1 are seen as the technically savvy generation who were introduced to technology from a young age. With this early introduction and acceptance, dependence and trust have developed. McCleary – What was Privacy. (2008, p. 128) states “they are not dismissive of privacy, but they do embrace online, collaborative work and play” (McCreary, L, What was Privacy 2008, p. 129). The second group are seen as the late adopters of technology. This late adoption doesn’t come through the inability to learn but through maturity. While the second group have increased their penetration into social networking and information technology in general they are still only a small percentage. The gap is closing but with the uncertainty around privacy the gap will remain wide until they are certain their identity will not be stolen.
With each website or online store that requires an individual or organisation to enter personal or company details a risk is created, however this is of no concern and the risk or consequence is not given a second thought at the time. Only once people are shown the direct evidence of what is being tracked and traced will they understand the importance of being frugal when entering their details. “The general public may be only vaguely aware of the mushrooming growth of information-gathering, but when they are offered a glimpse; most people do not like what they see” (The surveillance society 1999, p.21). The ever increasing use of cloud computing and social networking has only exacerbated the issue of private details being stored online. Before Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and iCloud when the internet was only just starting to see its own potential, private details were usually limited to “Essential records (age, address, credit rating, marital status, etc)” (The Searchable Soul 2000, p. 57). With the propagation of the above entertainment sites, private information has taken on a whole new meaning. Private information has morphed from simple information into complex information such as blogs, videos, political views, music style, photo’s with facial recognition, sexual orientation and much more. In terms of private information Facebook is the most popular social networking site currently “As of December 2009, Facebook accounts for 7% of all time spent online in the United States” (Houghton, D & Joinson, A 2010, 'Privacy, social network sites, and social relations' p. 76). One can only assume that this 7% has increase from 2009 to current day. An individual can be pretty much be anywhere in the world with an internet connection and have the ability to share information about themselves or their exact location with a mobile phone or tablet PC. Even with all the televised and written media about privacy concerns people still flock in their millions to share valuable information about themselves or friends, therefore this is an example of where the proliferation of IT has altered some people’s perception of the...

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