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Has The Candian Government Done Enough To Heal The Wounds Of The Residential Schools Aboriginal Student?

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As an Aboriginal of the age of four to sixteen living in the 1800’s until the 1990’s, life was not diverting due to the Residential School systems. Canada has been struggling to gain the forgiveness of the Residential School attendants and gladly, they had finally accepted our apologies, but will they ever forgive themselves for not being one of us?
During the twentieth century, Residential Schools became widespread in all Canadian provinces and territories except Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Aboriginal children had been seized from their homes and had been placed into these ‘boarding schools’. They had to do labour work, live with complete strangers, and also ...view middle of the document...

They realized that just because they do not have the same culture or beliefs that we do, we can still accept them for who they are. They also understood that this period in history has had a damaging impact on the aboriginal culture, heritage and language. The government apology was not only towards the students but to that parents as well for not allowing them to take control over what was going to happen to their children. When they had received the apology, the natives explained that they finally felt “free” and how a burden suddenly lifted. They felt as if they could be themselves again without having to worry about discrimination received from the Canadians. This apology had helped “to put an end to this dark period.” On the day of the apology, June 11th, 2008, legislatures from five different Aboriginal groups had been invited to sit on the floor in the House of Commons to receive the apology live. The apology that the prime minister had made helped us to grow closer to groups of Indian natives, sharing land and resources and creating special bonds. Although the citizens greatly accepted our apology, this is not all we have given them.
As another gesture to the Indian Residential School attendants, they had received cash. Although money will not ever make up for what we had done to them. For this apology, Canada’s government had made a settlement that still takes charge today. The settlement states that at least $1.9 billion for “common experience” payments go out to former students who attended the schools. The children who were abused sexually, physically or abused in any way got help with the cost covered. Between $5,000 and $275,000 each or more money if they show a loss of income. Lastly, to benefit students and families, $125 million to Aboriginal Healing Foundation, $60 million for truth and reconciliation and $20 million for national community commemorative projects. Although the students get payments, the family members who were not students do not. Although the attendants accepted both the apology and the money, they will never...

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