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Harvesting Energy And Data Essay

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Innowattech: Harvesting Energy and Data A stand alone technology
Dr. Lucy Edery-Azulay, CEO

Innowattech’s technology
Innowattech’s technology and patent principles: Efficiently converting external mechanical load into green electrical energy, based on piezoelectric elements Green energy - the electrical energy is producing based on the part of the mechanical energy that usually is wasted in heat form The conversion is based on the compressed piezo-mechanical effect.

Innowattech’s solution


Piezoelectric generators IPEGTM


Electrical system
Harvesting module & Storage system


Innowattech’s technology Green alternative electricity

Part of the energy ...view middle of the document...

Railway: Replacing the standard plastic pads with Innowattech's energy producing pads

Innowattech & Israel national road company

Joint project research agreement
Innowattech and the Israel National Road Company have conducted several pilots in “real life” Israel roads. Pilots aims: Produced energy expectations confirmation Road health insurance – • • • • Time implementation Preventing reflection & cracking Studying a reliable cross section for the road Correct choice of materials to ensure the desired road’s behaviour


Innowattech’s road applications Energy and Data - Stand alone technology – Cont.
I-WIM Roadway device Embedded and integrated under the surface of the road (asphalt) or on top of the road.
The weight of various types of vehicles while being in motion, Access control of vehicles to and from industrial areas Accuracy goal - up to 5% Simple and rapid for implementation. Data: • The weight of various types of • vehicles while being in motion • Their...

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