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Harry Potter – The New Ugly Duckling

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Harry Potter – the new ugly duckling.

Everyone has heard of J.K. Rowling’s book about Harry Potter, which have had their triumph all around the world. The books, which have achieved a total sale of more than 35 million copies, in over 35 languages, are very thick but are being swallowed by children and teenagers who can’t get enough.
Everyone knows the story of the little wizard, who must go through much evil in the human world, in order to find happiness at Hogward’s school for wizards. Hogward lies in a parallel world that’s populated with strange creatures and that offers exciting adventures. In this world Harry leads the battle against the evil Lord Voltemort and his followers with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly, which are the names of his best friends.
Lord Voltemort, who wants to fight to get the power in the wizard world, exposes Harry to the most ...view middle of the document...

She is born in 1965 as a daughter to a Scottish French mother and an English father. Reportedly they met each other at King Cross Station, which is the start station for the train that sends the wizard students from the muggler world to Hogwarts.
Joanne’s childhood was very safe and sound but at the age of 15 her mother was diagnosed with sclerosis which later on had an effect on her. Amongst other things, she had several episodes of depressions. In 1978 she graduated from the University of Exeter in South West England. Here she had studied French and classical literature. She moved to London and worked for Amnesty International for a short period of time. Money wasn’t something she had much of, so when she started getting the idea of Harry Potter in 1990, she couldn’t afford a computer or a typewriter. She had to keep the ideas she came up with inside of her head. 1990 was also the year her mother past away. The year after, Joanne travelled to Portugal to teach English. Here she really had time to come up with ideas for the first Harry Potter book. She re-wrote the first chapter 10 times. She married a Portuguese man she had met at an English course. She had a child, Jessica, who she brought back to Great Britain when she and the man got divorced in 1993. The Harry Potter book filled up half a suitcase when she travelled back home! Joanne moved to Edinburgh in Scotland which was a place her sister Dianne had settled down. Joanne read the stories out loud for her sister who loved them. In the meantime Joanne lived in a one-bedroom apartment and she couldn’t afford getting her daughter cared for. She was often without a job and had to write on small paper pads in cafés, while her daughter was sleeping in the stroller.
She couldn’t afford copying the book she had finished, and in stead she wrote it down twice on an old typewriter. Then she went to the library and found a list of agents, of which she chose two who she sent the manuscripts to. Then her fortune was made and Harry Potter, as we know him, became a part of our consciousness.

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