"Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire": Directors Cut

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The Harry potter film the Goblet of Fire is the best film yet of the potter franchise. It was filmed by Mike Newell, who has taken over from Alfonso Curson who filmed the Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This was an apparently a film hard to top but, Mike Newell and his crew did it with hard well earned work and their success was well earnedIt starts out with Nagini the snake weaving all the way through the grass and the camera travels through the grass with Nagini as she meanders and weaves her long body. The effect of this makes it so spooky and gives a sort of suspense because the Nagini looks like she is after something or somebody. It's the opening chapter of the fourth book, where the aged caretaker is making tea. He sees a light on in the old Riddle house, we get a shot or two of the very important graveyard, and then we ...view middle of the document...

This makes each action look like it has an important part to tell to the audience.The set is dark and gloomy; the set is based on an old nineteenth century house. It is old and dusty, with dirty crooked wood beams, which emulates the spookiness to young people. The set house many objects in it to create a lot of shadows.The characters in the scene are very languid with not much movement except the lips of Voldemort and Worm tail plotting the devious plans.The dialogue is very short and brief during this scene. The characters speak with utter fluency but it's quick and quiet. The voices are very dreary and dark e.g. "Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face between what is right and what is easy". This really helps achieve scariness and makes them even more sinister.The Camera shot are mostly close up shots or close medium shots the characters. Except the camera angle never goes round to Voldemort, because ads suspense to what he actually looks like. The camera closes up when the character starts to speak and will move away gently and eerily when they finish. This makes it very spooky so keeps viewers gripped to their chairs.I think the director has definitely made the film opening to be very spooky and mysterious to get the audience warmed and ready to watch this film by creating a lot of suspense. The dark, slow music and the very dim light is what we first witness which makes us curious of what will happen. Then we are hit by a curious sinister voice which gets us really watching and then the cameras move in and make us able to see the set and the characters. With the lights and the objects creating shadows making it all very creepy. This does make the opening scene of the Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire and smash, exceptional brilliant, unlike the others which start very moderate. So the director has made a unique and brilliant effect.

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