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Hard Work Essay

1168 words - 5 pages

Aldana, Andres

Mr. Savard

English 28

July 16, 2014

Hard Work

Learning was never an easy thing for me do growing up. It was as if my head was stuck in the clouds, dreaming of anything and everything and when someone said something to me it went in one ear and out the other. I found myself in bad times, by being afraid of my own work Throughout the years I learned what being a student was about by the influence of my peers, I had to start fresh by gained learning experiences that helped me in education. My style of learning is inspired by the coaches and teachers who helped me shape who I am today.

Growing up was something that I remember best especially third ...view middle of the document...

Jumping all the way to eighth grade I found out there were teachers that care about their students and I learned the meaning of not letting someone down. Mr. Stowell was a funny talkative teacher, not afraid of being himself. There is probably a hand full of reasons why I enjoyed Mr. Stowell’s history class so much, but the one that stands out the most is that he showed me that exploring new things is how someone figures out how you become a better student. One needs to know where they’ve been before they know where they’re going, therefore if a person has a certain writing style then they try a new technique and they like it now they have more of a variety instead the same repetition in every essay. This applies to all aspects of education especially in college because you could be majoring in math then takes a sociology class and you find out that it’s something that one wants to get into. If a person didn’t take that chance to try new things then he/she could have missed out on an opportunity to enjoy another subject. I utilized what Mr. Stowell portrayed onto his class by exploring more things especially in my English class I had signed up for a writers work shop and ended up getting a story I wrote called Pina Coladas published in a book full of young writers short stories.

It was the start of something new I could feel it in my bones the first time Mr. Rodriguez spoke. It was my junior year of high school when Mr. Rodriguez my English teacher told us his rule for success failure. He told us that you must fail so that you can learn from your mistakes otherwise how else would you improve. When he said this it made my educational experience a lot more comforting because being timid was a reoccurring struggle such as being so afraid of taking test that I would have an anxiety attack and I would find myself holding back my full potential only giving what I thought way enough to get...

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