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Happy Life Essay

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My idea of a happy lifeWhen I begin to think of my idea of a happylife, I think first of all of money -- plenty of money for everything all the time. Money tobuy a beautiful house for my parents or mybrothers and sisters with every convenience and luxury, money to buy a fine motor car, all the clothes we could everwant and as many possessions like transistors, bicycles and modern appliances, as the heart could desire. money too, for foreign travel and for a first class education. Then, I think, I could be happy. But, is this really the answer ? It is true that the possession of money contributes to comfort and easy living, but money in itself cannot create happiness.Let us look at some of ...view middle of the document...

My childhood friends are being substituted for adult companions in college and in clubs, but I am still surrounded by a wealthof friendship and love, which to me are essential for happiness.I am now training to be a lawyer in our university. This subject has always interested me and since a child, my dream has been to become a solicitor and to return to my town to work and to help people there. Here again, it is essential to happiness to be trained to do an interesting, worthwhile job that absorbs all one's working attention and provides an outlet for one's abilities and energies.I like sport of all kinds, particularly basket-ball and swimming, and my idea of a happy life would include time and opportunity for these pursuits. It would also include time to reading and for all my leisure activities and hobbies. Public service has always interested me, and so I would want to take some part in public life. What I actually do will, of course, depend on where I am living, but I shall certainly want to be an active member of my Residents'...

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