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Daniel Shaheen

The reason everyone does everything is to make themselves happy. Happiness is getting what you want. You eat a tasty meal. You wanted to experience that good taste and become full instead of hungry; it made you happy. You have a family that you love and care about, that family and that love is something you want; it makes you happy. You do drugs. The feelings and experience are something that you want, they make you happy. However, when you get addicted, use up lots of your money, go to jail and or die at a young age, those are things you don’t want, so they make you sad. So in total, it can be said that they made you more sad than happy. There are two types of happiness. ...view middle of the document...

(I picked the example of a drug because it is the best example of something that makes you feel good even though you don’t have a reason for feeling good). Saving the person’s life would make you feel happy, excited and relieved. However, you knew that the drug would make you feel ten times more happy, excited and stress-free. The reason is because saving the person’s life gives you logical happiness. Even if you didn’t get any emotional happiness from saving the person’s life, you would still want to do it. You can only get logical happiness from things you are aware of. So let’s put it all together. A person uses their lunch money to buy someone else lunch. They will get logical happiness because the other person is able to eat and they want the other person to be happy. Usually when a person gets logical happiness, they get the emotion of happiness as well. They will probably receive the emotion of happiness because this act lets them believe that they are a good person. Giving up their lunch will give them emotional sadness because they will be hungry, and they missed out on getting emotional happiness of a good taste. They also may get logically and therefore the emotion of happiness because they think they are becoming closer to that person and...

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